Moby Carberator Gaskets

Will Smith /

Woo hoo.......I just had my firsts ride around the neighborhood on my 1960 Mobylette.The carbs are leaking a lot of gas.The gaskets are all split.I cannot locate any gaskets so I was going to use gasket cement.Any suggestions would be most helpful... pic of Moby

Re: Moby Carberator Gaskets

Ron Brown /


If you are leaking a lot, make sure your needle and float are good. Even without a gasket, you should not leak when standing still.

Try to buy some gasket material and make a new gasket.


Re: Moby Carberator Gaskets

Will Smith /

Thanks Ron.I did a search on here last night for carberators.I will rebuild it again tonight ( 3rd time) paying attention to the float this

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