piaggio ciao, carborator and spark plug

On my face is a large smile, my Piaggio Ciao, which is my first ever moped, started to run. Unfortuntely, it did not run very well at all. What is the proper spark plug for this moped and what is the proper gap? Also, I think cleaning out the carborator will help because every tutorial said that this is important. How do I take it out? I took out all the bolts and screws that I thought held it in, but it didn't move. Is there any place online that I could get a diagram or manual section for this? Thank you very much!!

Re: piaggio ciao, carborator and spark plug

those carbs are on the intake pretty tight. You should only need to loosen the bolt by the intake, 10mm, then the phillips screws on top to take off the top portion. Then wiggle it back and forth. It will come off. There is a plastic piece that fits in the intake hole on the carb...it keeps the carb tight on the intake...make sure you don't break it.

Re: piaggio ciao, carborator and spark plug

Plug should be NGK B5HS gap is .020

Gas oil mix is 50:1 or 2.5 ounces of 2 cycle motor oil to 1 gallon of gas.

Check tranny on left rear. Remove access screw, if oil runs out, it is full. Uses 80-90 weight gear oil.

To remove carb

Remove air cleaner

loosen top two screwws and pull the throttle slide out of the top of the carb

Remove BANJO (fuel intake) It should have a drum shaped filter inside with a red fiber washer

use 8 mm nut driver or opened end wrench to loosen mounting collar bolt

Wiggle the carb and slide it toward back of the engine compartment. Use to WD40 to help it slide

Once you get it off go to this link and run the slide show for carb cleaning. http://briefcase.yahoo.com/bwebb08

Good luck

Re: piaggio ciao, carborator and spark plug

I use a 10mm socket on my mounting collar bolt? Wierd, I thought the Grande and Ciao had the same carb. I also forgot to mention taking the airbox off first.. Zippy is the piaggio master...listen to him, not me. :)

Re: When taking off the airbox..

be sure to catch the filter, as it will usually slip out and fall to the bottom of the compartment there.

You can pluck it out, or remove the plate under the motor to get it.

Either way, you should have a filter element that looks like a 2 1/2"gauze circle.


Re: piaggio ciao, carborator and spark plug

Dan, You might want to flush the rust deposits out of the gas tank before installing the newly cleaned carb. The petcock on the bottom can be 'screwed' off but BEWARE. It has a small tube inside that goes horizontal for a 1/2 inch and then turns vertical for 1 1/2 inches inside the tank. The purpose of this tube is so you can have a 'reserve'at the bottom of the tank. The tap handle will have C =closed, R = reserve and straight up for normal use. When twisting off the petcock keep the body from turning so you don't snap the inside tube off.Flush the tank with gas 4 or 5 times. Catch it in a glass bottle and re use it , just don't put the sediment back in the tank. Tilt the bike over to get most of the rust out. You'll be amazed at the crap that comes out. Finally reinstall the petcock CAREFULLY. Add an inline gas filter on the gas line. I use one from a lawnmower. Happy trails, you'll be back in the saddle again, bruce

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