BiTurbo for a Ssachs

I want to install a Biturbo for my 82 Eagle 1, considering that there is almost no performance parts for any Sachs, it seems far fetched, so I was wondering if I can get some help on what to do. If figured that the exhaust pipe from Tomos, and Sachs are much larger than mine, so do I need to buy a whole pipe and the Biturbo at the end and weld it, or just the golden BiTurbo tip and weld that on there, all help is greatly apprieciated greatly

Eric M

Re: BiTurbo for a Ssachs

chuck russo va /

u would ahve to weld where the down tube meets the expansion chamber

which side does a sachs exhuast exit to?

if its on the left u need a puch pipe and if its on the right u need a tomos pipe

Re: BiTurbo for a Ssachs might try............ they seem to be the only place to get hi-po sach's stuff...........pipes carbs and even a 78cc big bore cylinder kit..........its in german tho......but you can kinda make it out........they even have speed sprockets.......................hope this helps............i have'nt ordered anything for my 82 eagle from them yet......................

Re: BiTurbo for a Ssachs

If you are sitting on it, it runs to the right

Re: BiTurbo for a Ssachs

Its Strange that you live in Columbus, you have a 82 Eagle 1, and I live in Columbus, I have a 82 Eagle 1, rare peds just thinkin, what parts of Cols do ayb live

Re: BiTurbo for a Ssachs

Just to ad fire- on some sachs the pipe is on the right (lover) or on the left. It dosn't really matter which side.

The exhaust port is straight down in the center of the cylinder.

I think the puch ones come closest, but you need to measure the size (Inner Diameter) of the pipe.

Anybody got one lying around?????

You could use a tomos one if you want the pipe to come up at some weird angle.

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