puch performance

got a puch 1 speed that maxes out at 25 on flat ground, very slow to accelerate. only 1000 miles on it. what kind of speed should this puch be going? (my mobylette accelerates nearly as fast as a tomos, and maxes out at 27 on flat ground. should the puch be this fast also?)

RE: puch performance

nope, a one horse pwer puch really shouldn't be getting that fast, i think they topped out at a bit over 20 mph.


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RE: puch performance

Reeperette /

Tim is that the old Silver Austro model ?

If it is, I reccommend removing the plastic box that covers the chain.

It will increase wear and need for lubrication slightly, but if the master

link should ever pop, the chain winds round the rear sprocket and will

vault you over the handlebars at a very inopportune moment.

The Austro, while not very fast or powerful, is an very nice simple and

reliable design that will last a good many years, and is fairly simple

to get parts for, as well as being fairly tough.

The only mods I ever did to mine were a slightly larger carb and a

different sprocket for a little more takeoff, you lose about 2mph in

top speed, but it beats being "bumped and dumped" by some jerk

in a car when the light turns green.

Also, the Austro will run well in below-freezing temps, don't know

if the moby will or not, all in all, it makes a damn good backup 'ped.


RE: puch performance

the great thing about puch mopeds in general is how simple they are

you can make any puch moped hit 30 with good take off by simply upgrading to 2 horse power

the conversion consist of:

taking the head gasket out (shortening the cylinder)

replacing the carb manifold from a 12 to a 14 mm

changing the jet holder from a 22.2 to a 21.2

uping the jet size from 48-56 to 58 to 66 (whatever gives you the best performance)

take out the tube in the airfilter box

and lastly drill a second hole in the muffler about an inch in front of the existing one

all of these mod can be done with stock puch parts that are still readily available and as a set under 50 dollars and in most state are still within the laws

puch doesn't need to be your backup they'll keep up with any other moped

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RE: puch performance

Reeperette /

Hey, thanks for that info Bill !

Actually the Austro was my first 'ped, when I knew nothing about them, and became my backup till it was stolen (that was the one where the rack it was chained to was lifted into a truck), but had I known you could mod it like that, I sure would have.

My pref is still Tomos (Mostly the Bullet) but the Puch Austro and Maxi series are also 'peds that I rate very highly.


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