it is shiny oooooow

Chris Couillard /

i took my trans cover of and polished the dam thing now it looks like a mirror i m going to do this to most of the motor

and for all the people who want to see pictures of this machine

to bad ( for right now my scaner broken ) i took the hole thing back a part because i didnt like the color

hmmm what color should i paint it? i was thinking graber green with with black high light

but i think it should be done by this fall im hoping

but heres all the mod i ve done so far

1 mill the head

2 rewired bike to help with 12v

3 got rid of old gas tank

4 welded new subport bar for hog gas tank (2gal tank)

heres all the mod yet to come

1 perfomance exhaust im making it myself

2 paint the dam thing

3 polish motor and other parts

4 weld new batter box on

5 install new radio ya thats what im talking about (im thinking cd play)

6 fibor glass the front part of my bike up

7 and a couple of other little thing

i try to get my scanner working or find so one who got one because i did a drawling of rat fink on a moped it prety good i thought so at least

Re: it is shiny oooooow

Kevin Harrell /

If you are thinking about painting the entire bike, custom paint job, why not look to motorcycle magazines for inspiration for a paint job. There might be some really good inspiration there.

My Tomos with the top tank really could use a paint job, its white with rust lines from a history of little nicks. So a paint job has been in the back of my mind. Got a glimpse of a custom painted motorcycle on my way back from work (Driving my cage.) and saw a red, white, and blue patriotic design on a parked motorcycle. This got me thinking. Hmmm.

Good luck on the customization! And, keep those wheels turning.

Re: it is shiny oooooow

Chris Couillard /

im trying it just taking forever like i say i hope to be done withit by fall

Re: it is shiny oooooow

What do you mean, "rewired to help with 12 volt"?

Re: it is shiny oooooow

flannelman /

it was 6v but i dont like 6v so i got a small alterner and hooked it up to my magnetic pick up the bike idle 1800 rpm i think well any ways the only thing left on my bike that is 6v is my coil but im hoping to chance that so too

600 amp with a voltage regulater it makes life a little easier ask 9004

than do you got a 15 watt 6v hi and low beam bulb $10 compaired to $40 buck i think the aternator will pay for its self with in to light bulbs

Re: it is shiny oooooow

flannelman /

the title of this thread must scare peopl e

Re: it is shiny oooooow

im thinkin of repainting my Tomos (gold bullet TTLX top tank) a gold metal flake, like the gold color that SOOOOO many 92-96 toyota corollas are. i think that would look sick on a top tank Tomos.

just looked in the photos section, the color of the 1983 batavus is the same one i wanna paint my bike. my tomos looks just like a Targa LX (w/ out side panels, took them off) but with an A3 engine and engine side covers. just think of that in that color. crazy huh.

im gonna get a Honda Elite 50S (SE50) scooter, a woman my mom works with is selling one, it only has 97 miles on it! (its a '01 model) $1200, my dads gonna buy it 4 me (birthday present) so now i can finally restore my Tomos, i couldnt before because i was ALWAYS riding it. if u want to make your elite go faster go to they have a whole manual on how to remove the restrictions, has pictures too, im gonna do this to mine once i get it. then when i outgrow 40mph, im gonna get an 80 or 100cc kit from and register the thing as a motorcycle (50SR's are, so i imagine the 50S can be as well).


Re: it is shiny oooooow

merlin311 /

why register it as a motorcycle that defeats the whole purpose of having a moped or scooter.

Re: it is shiny oooooow

jack garcia /

flannel, you are SICK, and I mean this in the best way. You sound like you know your stuff, and I am amazed. I have two mopeds, a Foxi and a Mobylette. I bought the foxi from a bike dealership, and it runs ok. Some guy gave me the moby, so I didnt argue. But I have never had a moped, nd although I can turn a wrench, I have no clue how these things work, so I ride my Foxi, which is fine, and I am trying to get the moby running. I am learning, but I can tell by your ideas that you could practically build your own from scratch. you the man!!

Re: it is shiny oooooow

flannelman /

i got a lot of free time thats all

and good friend that know a little about motor and with what i know

were experts lol

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