Novice (idiot!)needs Puch help

Rich Edge /

Hi people...I am a complete moped novice, and have been given a (1979/1980?) Puch Maxi K (or so it says on the tank)

I managed to get it started OK, but the question is, how the heck do I turn it off? I tried to turn the gas tap to the upright position to starve it of fuel, but it appears to run on for ages.... I appreciate this may be a laughable question for you experts, so feel free to make me a laughing stock as long as you answer my question!!

thanks in advance

Rich Edge (UK)

Re: Novice (idiot!)needs Puch help

mikeconsig /

Notice on the Right handle bar to the left of the throttle there is a switch. When you push it up or down it turns off and right in the middle it stays on.

Re: Novice (idiot!)needs Puch help

Rich Edge /

thanks very much.....on the left on my Puch, check it out tomorrow!

Re: Novice (idiot!)needs Puch help

Fuel Petcock,

UP is normally for Reserve (if your run out of gas, leaves a little in the tank

DOWN is normal ON position

LEVEL or Horizontal with the ground is OFF

You find a "KILL" or Stop/Run switch on the right handle bar

You can also kill the engine by pulling in on the clucth lever (small lever on left handle bar) Although this is not recommend as an all the time standard procedure.

Re: Novice (idiot!)needs Puch help

if the switch doesn't work.. just bust that thing off and there will be two wires. touch those baby's together and it'l die. (the switch connects the two wires if it is in working order. but if not just rip it off, its broke anyway and touch the wires together :-)

Re: Novice (idiot!)needs Puch help

the left switch is probably for your lights, not the run/kill switch. if you don't have a switch on the right, then follow zippy's advice. you can buy a switch pretty cheap and put it back together. good luck.

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