Carb performance gains?

Well i just got my leovinci exhaust on. it says its meant to fit a peugeot 103/104 sp, spx, and a couple other peugeot models, but of course, it had a completely different interface to the exhaust port. I was able to cut part of the interface tubes from the old and the new exhausts and the old exhaust's pipe happened to fit nicely in the new one's. So i then had my dad weld it for me.. anyway..its on and everything and performance is noticeably increased. The accelleration now is tolerable, though still not great.

My question is: I've heard alot mentioned about how larger carburetors are better for high rpms and smaller carbs for mid to low rpms. Right now i have a 12mm gurtner carb (stock) installed. If i were to move up to a 15mm or a 17mm(or would that be too big?) i should get more high end power, but would it noticeably decrease my low end accelleration? if so, could i even it out a bit maybe by getting a rear sprocket with a couple more teeth? now that i have some accelleration, i'd like to start trying for a higher top speed (30-35mph currently), i just dont want to get a higher top and screw it up so that my accelleration sucks again..

RE: Carb performance gains?

if you really want any more speed if you can get a larger carb installed correctly on it i would do it. there are three types of restrictors available on mopeds. the exhaust system is calibrated to restrict airflow, the carb is too small, or there are actual physical restrictors in place on the moped. i wouldn't recommend going with the 60 or 70 cc cylinder/piston because a few of us here in bethlehem have had troubles with them. cheap materials. but the carbs/biturbo exhausts we had from them were great. but we couldn't install them without the larger cylinder crap installed at least without modifications that we didn't want to make. i wouldn't worry about losing acceleration because i don't think it will be that much. if i had to make a choice higher top end i think is more valuable. but that's just a matter of personal opinion.

that was on my tomos. on my 79 moby i'm sticking to stock. the way it was meant to be is the way i'm keeping it. rock.


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