Moped doesn't start

Rodrigo Cornejo /

I have a 1977 Honda Express NC50 moped that doesn't want to start. I have clean gas, oil tanks and added new gas and oil, clean carburetor, installed new spark plug, new battery and I have a good spark coming out of spark plug and still it does not start. I need tips from all on what I need to do or check for. Help, help, help I want to get this baby working and on the road.

thank you!

Re: Moped doesn't start

Double Trouble Dan /

First...Will it start with starting fluid or gas in the plug hole?

That eliminates a lot.

Re: Moped doesn't start

Andrew Squiggman /

try the repair forum

Re: Moped doesn't start

i have had a ton of expressessssss one trick that always worked was dipping the spark plug in some gas and putting it in the bike. try that

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