Sachs Moppet

I just picked up a Sachs Moppet with a 505 engine. What is the correct plug and transmission fluid that goes in it? As well, how much transmission fluid do you put in it?


Re: Sachs Moppet

What's a sachs moppett? Is moppett the model?

Re: Sachs Moppet

for the plug, this thread has what I found to be the best...

As for the tranny fluid, use type F and fill it untill it starts to dribble out of the hole.

You can tell when you get low, because the clutch sticks, and the moped will bog or die when you stop.

As for moppet--- they just say that on them. I think it's german for moped, since moped, in german, is the way they say motorcycle

Re: Sachs Moppet

Moppet is what's printed on the side of the tank.

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