What is a seizure??

I've seen in this forum possible engine damage: seizure. What exactly happens? How is it fixed??

RE: What is a seizure??

it happens when there is not enough oil in the gas mixture, it causes your piston to get stuck in your cylinder, you usually have to replace the piston or the cylinder, or neither if it isn't that bad.


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RE: What is a seizure??

High temperatures due to insufficient lubrication, an extremely lean mixture, contaminated intake air, abusive riding techniques, riding downhill with the throttle closed all contribute to a seizure in the end.

The piston actually starts to melt and the aluminum attaches itself to the cylinder causing the piston to stop. In a serious case the piston welds itself to the cylinder and you must replace both. In most cases you can reuse the cylinder after removing the embedded aluminum with muriatic acid and honing the bore. If you find scratches in the bore, then it's rebore and new oversize piston time.


RE: What is a seizure??

Reeperette /

>>If you find scratches in the bore, then it's rebore and new oversize piston time.<<

Ho, Jim..

Any idea where I can get this done for a Suzuki Fa-50 ?

Been tryin that for a while but no one has (or will admit to having) a honing machine that'll go down that far, and I've yet to find a piston that'll match up either.

It'd be nice, since I really don't want to trash a potentially useable cylinder.


RE: What is a seizure??

Sometimes you can use a brake cylinder hone for the small engines.

Parts and Bore and Hone

Toll Free # for Suzuki parts....800-860-0686...(it's a dealer) they ship them to you.. your best luck will be to call them when they're not busy.. like 10:00 AM.. probably should get base gasket too.

Try CJ's Head and Hole Shop for boring and honing.. he has a bore bar and hone for small (and large) stuff.. he is roughly 10 miles North of 12 Mile and Orchard Lake Road in Waterford..... 248-683-6344... you will have to get the piston first and take it with you, he can't get moped pistons, but I know he has bored a few moped cyl's.

RE: Parts and Bore and Hone

Reeperette /


Suzuki hasn't been that helpful as far as parts go, most dealers wont even admit to having or being able to get Fa50 parts, and I've tried all the well-known two-stroke piston makers, without finding one small enough.

As for CJ's, I am movin back to MI soonest, and will be sure to give that a shot, many thanks for the heads-up on that one.

This 'ped really, really sucks....Methinks I will find someone willing to make a trade + $$$ for a Bullet.

Thanks again.


RE: What is a seizure??

Looks like someone has the answer for you Reep.

Out here where I'm at in the Los Angeles area, Pat the Machinist as he is known works out of his house. He had a shop years ago and used to race and all that good stuff. He builds engines of all sizes for bikes.

My ace in the hole was when Pasadena City college had a Motorcycle Mechanics class. We had all the good equipment plus a new boring bar. The was the greatest toy around!

Unfortunately this unique program was discontinued due to "funding" issues. (They felt the money was better spent on English as a Second Language classes) The end of an era for me, but now I'm not affraid to pick up top ender cases with Pat around.

Hopefully there's someone like that in your neck of the woods.

Swarm on!


RE: What is a seizure??

A siezure is what your mom has when you forget to bring her Tupperware back.

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