PA50 now has 'footpegs'

Since the day I owned my PA... the pedals were goofed up...and the the pedal cranshaft bent... I straightened it twice.. but it bent easier again just from pedaling.

I hate stuff that doesn't work right.. so once I figured out you can push start the PA easily enough... I just yanked the entire crankshaft and pedals... its been that way ever since.

But then there is only one place to put your feet... on the 'running boards'.

A couple days ago I cut a piece of 5/8ths OD steel tubing and slid it through... then drilled and stuck a 1/4 inch bolt thru to secure it.

Now.. I got "footpegs"... another place to put my feet.

Though... since they are rigid... its easy to bark yer shins and calfs on them... gotta watch that.

next is a set of higher front ones... "highway pegs'... the motorcycle riders call them

Re: PA50 now has 'footpegs'

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Re: PA50 now has 'footpegs'


I've thought about adding a set of these to my HS-50 once I finish stretching the frame. I'd like to have them hinged though, just in case they contact the pavement when turning a corner.


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The 'touching the ground' thing is not a problem... they aren't like pedals that rotate and get close to the ground.

I have hauled butt thru a few corners with my feet on these new pegs... and they don't come close to the ground (on mine).... they also stick out a good 4 " too.

So... from the standpoint of touching.. you don't need them to pivot...

... but it might make them less painful when they hit your shin or calf.

the other nice thing about them ?

I can stand up on the pegs as I roll along... do that for 2 minutes... your legs get to stretch out and the 'pain in the butt' goes away on a long ride.

The odd thing is ... my feet began doing a 'toe-tap' search for the non-existant R brake and gearshift as I slowed for stops ... my feet are trained to ride a motorcycle.

Re: PA50 now has 'footpegs'


Re: PA50 now has 'footpegs'

>>your legs get to stretch out and the 'pain in the butt' goes away on a long ride.<<

That's partially why I'm stretching the frame. I'm 6'4" and and HS-50 is not the most spacious ride. I'm essentially adding 6 inches between the seat and the pedals so it "should" be a much better fit.


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yeah... I'm not tall like you... but the PA is a small bike... and when I get done adding the highway pegs... I will have a choice of 3 foot positions.

The highway peg position will have my feet in about the same position as sitting in a lawn chair... maybe feet a little farther forward and higher... not much though.

Re: PA50 now has 'footpegs'

> bike... and when I get done adding the highway pegs... I will

> have a choice of 3 foot positions.


that's kind of kinky. are you going to post of picture of this beast?

Re: PA50 now has 'footpegs'

No digi cam....... it looks normal so far... (2 foot positions)

But it might look strange when I get the front pegs on.

I was gonna use a set of handlbars from some kids bicycle if they fit.... (hung upside down... my feet will be on the handgrip area)

Bolt on... to a small stub welded to the frame above the gas tank.

why footpegs?

Here's why...(see attach.)

justhavinsumfun fred<img src="">;


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