still need help!!!

hi all, i need some help with my 81' puch magnum. this time it's the wiring. waiting on my jets to come in the mail. i will then repost and let everyone how i made out with my bogging problem. i need to know where two wires go. they are both located under the frame leading towards the front i guess. problem is no lights. BUT IT DOES RUN. IT STARTS AND EVERYTHING. one is black with a white strip. the other is black with a green strip. the plug that goes into the headlight has two wires plugged in. i forgot the colors of them.does one of these wires go to the headlight, and complete the circuit, or are they for turn signals or something? any and all help is gratful. thanks ahead of time. paul............

Re: still need help!!!

I don't know that this will help you, but my Maxi has a brown (ground) wire going into one side of the back of the headlight, and a blue wire going into the other side. One wire was cut once, and I had a lot of problems. If only one wire is plugged in, various other problems happen.

Then only thing I have to say, I guess, is that for max. performance, don't have any wires that aren't plugged into anything, and make sure your grounds (usually brown) are touching SOMETHING.

Re: still need help!!!

thanks for repling brian, i thought we had more electrical experts. damn i can't figure out where these go to, and i have one that is black with a white strip. the other is black with a green stripe......... anyone else please respond!!!

Re: still need help!!!

david f martin /

I don't know anything specific about your bike (wiring colors, etc.). Is your headlight the only thing not working? Have you checked those wires with a meter for voltage (bike running)?


Re: still need help!!!

Matt Wilson /

This is a wiring diagram from the

hopefully it will help

<IMG src="">

<IMG src="">

I remember someone had a colorcoded wiring chart for the puchs but I don't remember where

Hopefully one of these will help you


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