My story on how I ship 2 complete mopeds from Austin,Tx to Santa Ana,CA for 80 bucks!

Yep, Did it! I'm making this thread becuse I've never seen one before and this could be really helpful to other people (I know it would've been helpful to me) so lets start off at what I got..I got a complete Honda hobbit with a Dr.70cc kit totally decked out and A big box of jets/covers/roller/belts/and everything else on a hobbit from this lady for 20 bucks..she bought it from a guy (who i'm guessing is on moped army) totally decked the hobbit out it wasn't running when I got it but a quick carb clean and some fresh fuel made her purrrr..Heres a attached photo of her "new project" (thats why she selling the hobbit) she got it for 2500 bucks in San Fran bay area and had it shipped by Uship for a extra 500 bucks..She did get the orignal paperwork and receipt and all of the dealer brochures


Anyways i'm getting off topic heres the bike I got came with bunch of parts and different manuals on it..


So that was one of the bikes the other was a complete puch magnum I got..So fast forward a couple days I was getting kinda worried I wouldn't have any economical way to get this back that was harsh on my wallet (these are mopeds) Uship was going to be like 600+ for both bikes that wasn't a option I've always heard about greyhound but never tried it So I did some estimating on there website and it would of been cheaper then anything else...So I was going to break down the bike. For the hobbit I took the whole subframe with rear wheel and engine assembly off and separated everything else and the magnum I took wheels,seat,tank,and shocks off with all the other little things on the bike and was left when the frame/swingarm with engine attached and a box of parts. This process was terrible I was breaking them down with hardly any tools (that's why I didn't take apart the rest of the hobbit and couldn't get the magnum engine off) and on top of all that TX is hot as shit god damn it was hot..100 plus (at least it felt like coming from SoCal..) So after tearing the bikes down as much as I could I went to walmart and bought 400sq ft of bubble wrap one square 30 inch box and 400 yards of duct tape packing tape and got to work..A few hours pass and I'm done..Here's a pic of what the finshed product looks like


There's 5 iteams there one box and 4 other pieces..I used the boxx to put all the little covers,bolts,chains and all the other small stuff that would fit..So I brought it to The greyhound that was only 2 miles from where I was staying and there where closed it sucked So I ended up taking it to the one it Austin (even though they don't pick up there phones for shit) I took my chance and they were open after weighing (215lbs and 5 boxes between 30 and 40 in long side) and messureing everything my total was $385.72 total (Sh$%) Still way better than Uship but not good enough..So I was talking to the guy that was assisting me and he mention to try So while waiting in the lobby I went on the website and put my package in and there were a few different options $210.00 and its delivered straight to my door or different options inbetween I choose the $157.54 (alot better) one that I have to pick it up from the facilty that's in Santa

Ana right by my house (they call me when It arrives and I have 3 days to pick it up before they start charging a storge fee) So Still talking to him and he said somethimes it comes out even cheaper He will call me if I does..I get a Call from them saying it went down in price and it is now $83.76 and it will arrive monday because there is a bus leaving austin going to LA tonight and then will be transported Sunda but I got a tracking number and a $800.00 insurance on my iteams..I also figured out while I was there is the size limit was 87in for a package (most of the cases depneding on where your going) So I could've taken off some stuff to make it under the weight limit (100lbs) and shipped the whole bike So I would barely break a sweat.

*I will update this when I recieve my package and make sure all is good and let you guys know how it went*

Re: My story on how I ship 2 complete mopeds from Austin,Tx to Santa Ana,CA for 80 bucks!

Duran morley /

Oh yeah the only things I didn't ship were the puch gas tank and puch seat and the handle bars for both bikes..Those are going in my luggage! (just did;t want the tank getting dented and the handle bars are huge..

Re: My story on how I ship 2 complete mopeds from Austin,Tx to Santa Ana,CA for 80 bucks!

Well done indeed

Re: My story on how I ship 2 complete mopeds from Austin,Tx to Santa Ana,CA for 80 bucks!

Probably Fred /

That sounds great I'm glad it worked for you but I don't take apart bikes anymore to ship them.

It's too much work and I had problems in the past from lost/damaged parts to the buyer putting something simple on wrong like a wheel spacers and brake plates not in slots damaging the bearings/brake/hub, jamming chain and sprocket and demanding money back for new mags, tires chain and sprocket.

Your reassembling it yourself so you're golden

Yeah U ship not that great though the price is coming down some with the lower gas prices.

There are other shippers that ship terminal to terminal on a pallet that's pretty reasonable too though again you got to palletize or crate your bike

It would be great if they could ship a whole bike without taking it apart for $87 though. Until then for me only cash and carry for a bike still whole.

Re: My story on how I ship 2 complete mopeds from Austin,Tx to Santa Ana,CA for 80 bucks!

Duran morley /


Ken-Yeah, whats the company that does that? I could've just shipped the whole bike but at first I though the biggest length can only be 42in long but the guy whole works there said its 87in if its pretty close like a couple states away..He said theres this guy who ships car parts all the time and there had been a few times he shipped hoods of the cars..Next time I'm going to try and ship the whole bike..they have a weight limit of 100 pounds though because its gimans taking it off the bus and moving it to the next one not machines..

Re: My story on how I ship 2 complete mopeds from Austin,Tx to Santa Ana,CA for 80 bucks!

Duran morley /

Just a update for who are interested. Just picked up the packages and everything was perfect and not broken or anything and I only used bubble wrap and tape so really happy on that. Came to the conclusion that if I was going to shit it via FedEx or ups or any other major carrier I would've spent 3x as much at least and would've got it later than I actually got it.

Re: My story on how I ship 2 complete mopeds from Austin,Tx to Santa Ana,CA for 80 bucks!

Emil Kniemel /

wow thats a cheap hobbit. good score. sounds stolen! haha jk.

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