Trike/Targa Project Update.

Reeperette /

Ok, Trike/Targa Conversion progress so far...aka "The Red Bastard".

First off, this bike is down-right possessed, and it hates me, and I think it's not real fond of Fred either....and so I've aptly named it.

Replaced the CDI unit with new Iskra unit, and finally got decent spark...and chewed the hell out of the head that was on there, the rings went boom, and it was pretty grim...lookin at the piston still makes me cringe.

However, the bore seems not totalled, so I've left that one with Fred for future boring, tho I am not fully decided to go 38.50 Tomos overbore...or go 40mm and try a Garelli piston - time will tell.

Transmission 1st gear is a bit chipped, but I have a replacement in hand, just waitin a chance to install...and prolly throw in some new crank bearings while I am at it, but wanna have those in hand up front, cause the old bearing rings are just two flat pieces of brass with like, dents, kinda, or pockets, for the bearings, and if they're hosed they'll scatter everywhere when you take it apart - the new bearing rings are an upgrade to the old style, mind.

The pistonarm end doesn't look so hot neither, but that is perhaps swappable (some of them are) without replacing the whole crankarm.

We got a decent A3-type cylinder, and Fred had a guy do a quick hone on it, so it's in really nice shape, and he even hand-cut me a base gasket, since dumbass me forgot one, not that it woulda done me much good to remember, since the local shop was out of em.

The big pain in the arse came over the piston, bought locally...and it came to all-too-familiar argument with the local parts counter over the A3 and A5(A35) Pistons, and what size wristpin is used....the old "no such thing" pile of bovine leavings.

The piston that came out, is an A3N 38mm with 12mm Wristpin....and what they sold me, while denying there WAS anything else for the A3..was a 38mm with 10mm Wristpin, which, obviously, ain't gonna fit.

So..back to the shop for the proper roller bearing or shim that fits the crankarm for a 10mm wristpin (both crankarms have the same size hole, mind, it's just a matter of that shim)...

And they hand me a 9.5mm Shim and tell me to "Press that on" bloody hell, as if it were even possible - anyhow, I think I shall take my business to Ike from now on...getting parts on the spot doesn't matter a damn if they DO NOT FIT.

We made a bit of an attempt to use a not-completely-hosed A35(A5) Piston with one ring on it, but there was not sufficient compression to run, either that or the flywheel has slipped...the pin in there is worn, and even a brand new one, they're too damn SMALL, it practically begs to be stripped, and the flywheel on there is a bit "iffy" cause of that anyhow.

So currently, just now all the parts were moved to a closer site I can get to on the running Targa, and I am replacing my semi-chewed rear sprocket with the better one from that one's wheels till I can get some tubes in there and get em holding pressure.

Also picked up a pair of 428H chains today, 130 links, and 100 links, and for the record, they DO fit the Pryer rear end, AND fit the Tomos stock front sprocket fine....even though the parts guy at the cycle shop denied they would fit at all until I hauled one of the wheels off the newer Targa to point out that it would.

It fits, and as Fred noted earlier, using a heavier/wider chain is not a new trick, so I shall give a fairly exact size (in links and inches) when I have it installed and can say for sure.

So, work needs done, but it is progressing...and with luck should be running shortly.

Apparently my need for Mopeds may increase by one soon, I think the smell of grease, gasoline and two stroke oil has begun to warp the mind of my girl into considering riding one...looks like we might have a convert on our hands, tho her preference is for the trike for various considerations.

Even have a tenative agreement that if I get the Trike running well, we don't have any other plans, and she doesn't consider mopedding pure suicide (where she gets that idea, I'll never know, but then..she's seen me ride......) that perhaps she'll consider doing "Rons Run" next BBQ, but don't hold yer breath.

(Convo between me and her)

" up to a hundred-some pounds of vibratin metal under ya ?"

"As long as it's got three wheels."

"Finally gonna try some two-stroke action, heh ?"

"Only two ? I was hoping for more than that!"

I have a strange girlfriend....

And Finally, massive kudos to Fred for helping me wrestle this beast of a bike into semi-submission, especially given that it's prolly the most hateful and ill-concieved design of a moped he's seen in a looong time.

We kinda concur that the engineers who built these things were mad as a hatter, I think.

So..more later, once it inches closer to actually friggin running...but it's lookin pretty good so far.


REE i found you a motor

chuck russo va /

hey ree i found a motor for you, its off a 93 sprint kickstart has only 900 miles!!!!

it wont start because it has no spark so im pretty sure the ignition system is shot just like on your targa

Kinda beat to that punch..

Reeperette /

I blew the wad I had held back for an Engine on a whole Targa with about 1500 miles on it, dinero to buy this one im afraid.

Rode the Targa home, it was fun...but then my idea of fun is other folks idea of suicide...


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