1978 Batavus Regency / No Exhaust Pipe

Recently got this 78 Batavus Regency running well with the M56 motor. It wouldn't even pretend to crank at first.... Replaced spark plug and some hoses and clamps and cleaned out fuel system/ carb good and it cranks right up and idles and rides great now. It has the nice luggage rack on it and it's nice to have finally gotten it roadworthy. It's an awesome smooth riding comfortable scooter.

Last problem - It doesn't have an exhaust pipe. It actually looks like it was snapped off the bottom of the motor somehow. Is it interchangeable with the pipe they used on the m48 motor for other Batavus mopeds from that year. Would you bother getting an exhaust pipe? Having a tough time investigating internet for replacement exhaust recommendations. What options do I have for exhaust pipe replacement here?

thanks in advance for any help,


Re: 1978 Batavus Regency / No Exhaust Pipe


This guy should work.

Re: 1978 Batavus Regency / No Exhaust Pipe

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