Tomos BiTurbo noise !!!???

Did the BITURBO exhaust are more noisy of the original Tomos exhaust ???

Soon i'm going to buy one and i dont want have my neighborhood angry !!!!!

Re: Tomos BiTurbo noise !!!???

Nobody have a Biturbo ?????

Re: Tomos BiTurbo noise !!!???

Plenty of people have BiTurbos here... Yes... they are going to be louder than stock.

It shouldn't be that bad.

.. if you ride around and around and around the same road over and over they might not like it... go ride somewhere else and try not to annoy people.

Re: Tomos BiTurbo noise !!!???

john joedicke /

3X louder but much better on performance. Change jet to 73 drill size. JJ

Re: Tomos BiTurbo noise !!!???

Of course it will be louder, its bigger and lets out air faster, this is what gives the moped the increase in strength. but an advantage to the noise is it sounds cooler :-)

Re: Tomos BiTurbo noise !!!???

merlin311 /

loud pipes save lives!

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