i saw that you were looking for kreidler parts. i have a few, but no free wheel. i have a few nos gaskets, seals, decompression valve, spokes, and misc parts if you need. i also have a factory assembly and disassembly book if you want a scan of it, i can email. only 30 pages.


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Hi and thanks Rodney

I could use a tranny gasket. I took the side cover of the tranny off to inspect the tranny before i discovered the free wheel was split. So the tranny side gasket is pretty well shot. I could clean it up and use liquid gasket but if you have a NOS one, please email me with a price.



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couldnt find a tranny gasket, only intake and head. i am still looking for the free wheel also. it shows on the dealers parts list and i never used one. did you want the scans?

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Thanks Rodney, I think the scans are online at the Kreidler site

I'll take a head gasket (email me a price, you can probaly mail it U.S. Priority mail, $3.50) So $3.50 plus the price of the head gasket.

I think i found the free Wheeler assembly at Mopedwarehouse.

Thanks for all your help.


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hey rodney! do you have any transmission parts? is there some sort of return spring for it? something is keeping my girlfriends mp19 from shifting into 2nd all the time (it will sometimes, but mostly it just burns up the tranny fluid and smokes a lot)...

also, an airbox/filter assembly???



Re: rodney----kreidler

no transmission parts, sorry.

Re: zippy----kreidler

check your email

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