More clout ?... Tomos or Harley ??

.... Well ???... which is it ??

According to the action I get at my local professional cylinder bore and hone specialist... T O M O S !!!... bwahahahaaaaa !

Ree came over to finish his bike and I ran the cylinder over a few streets to see if my friend Chip could do a quick "in and out" hone job on the Tomos cylinder.

He was honing a Harley cylinder as I rode up.. and the two Harley owners were standing there watching and waiting.

He said... maybe in an hour ?

I got kinda skrinchy faced and said... wellllll... I was hopinnnng....

... "Oh... right now ??"... (he dropped the Harley parts and turned and walked 4 feet to the other machine... and a couple minutes of set-up.. then anbout 30 seconds of honing... it were done.

In the middle of this.. I turned to the HD couple.. and said ... "sorry... he'll be done in just a second".

She... (an attractive 50 year old lady).. said ...

... "Well.. I guess !... Boy... I see who takes priority !

bwaaahahahahaaaaaaaa !

Who's got clout ? ... lol !

Re: More clout ?... Tomos or Harley ??

Ron Brown /


Why are you surprised? The Tomos is going to run today, the Harley, maybe never. : )


Re: More clout ?... Tomos or Harley ??

... bwaaaahahahaha !!!!... lol !

Hilarious !... uh-oh ! ... . wait till gimmyjimmy and JimC read dat Ron !

peace ... brothers... peace

Where's Don-Ohio when you need him ?... I know he'd appreciate a few of these topics from recently

Re: I'm sure Chip did that..

..because he knows you'll be back again soon, while the Harleys will be out there eating up the miles!! :}

My $0.02 American, before taxes.


yeah, sure Fred

gimmyjimmy /


Have you been giving Chip a..."in and out hone job?"

... bwaaaahahahaha !!!!...

Re: More clout ?... Tomos or Harley ??

merlin311 /

my hondas got more clout then anything at the local bike shop i guess it helps if your friend was in the hells angels and the shops owner is also....

i dont get marked up on stuff i get wholesale prices;)

Re: More clout ?... Tomos or Harley ??

gimmyjimmy /


F U 2-Mary Kay

Re: More clout ?... Tomos or Harley ??

C'mon. Obviously it's Fred that's got the clout. (I think that's what I've heard, or was it the gout?)


gimmyjimmy /

how was camp?, rain free i hope.

Re: More clout ?... Tomos or Harley ??

Ron Brown /


Thank you, thank you very much.


Re: steve

I'll start a new thead about it....It was Great!

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