Tomas A3 Transmission Oil

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In a different post I was reading about filling the transmission. This is an 1985 Tomas Silver Bullet with an A3 engine. (I just added CDI and I love it). Anyway the transmission shifts hard. I read to fill the trans-case with 2200 cc on 10W30 motor oil or fill until it comes out the overflow. I have no manuals on this engine. I have included a pic of the right side of the engine. Is the top red circle the fill hole and the bottom red circle the overflow hole?


Re: Tomas A3 Transmission Oil

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Shifting hard, or late, is usually a sign of too much, but if your fluid is old and gunky, yeah - that could be a problem.

Flush it first by removing the drain plug underneath, and leaving it out, while pouring about half a quart through it, THEN put the drain plug back in, and fill it properly.


Re: Tomas A3 Transmission Oil

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Thanks Reeperette. It is shifting smoother now. The previous owner had drained it. I didn't know it should have oil. It does now.

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