new crankshaft

thanks for all the help on the last post. You guys really helped out. But 50cc told me that since mine is 10mm which is what it looked like when I held a 10mm socket next to the piston as compared to a 12mm. I am going to need to buy a crankshaft to put the kit on. Is this neccesary or is the guy at 50cc just confused should I just order the kit. Has anyone replaced there crankshaft before and how hard is it. Does anyone have puchs with speed kits that had 10mm pins in the piston. THanx

Re: new crankshaft

Ron Brown /


Do the search, someone else had this problem and solved it with bushings.

Also, try a better subject, someone may recognize the problem.


Re: new crankshaft

You don`t need to buy a new crankshaft! You need to install a new rod bushing and ream it to fit your wristpin. This job requires a special tool that your local Puch dealer should have? Even if you do buy a new crankshaft, it would still need to be reamed to fit your new wristpin. Not all wrispins are ground to the same tolerance. That is why the bushing has to be reamed to fit the wristpin. 2 OR 3 different 10mm wristpins will not all measure the same. This may sound like a major problem, but it is not all that bad.


Re: new crankshaft

Ike, do you have the tools and know how to make on of those bushings?

Re: new crankshaft

Yes, i have the tool, and new bushings. Yes i can use it.

Re: new crankshaft

Ike! My stock crank shaft on my Grande needs a 12mm wrist pin, with a piston to match....The Piston that I got with my 70cc kit uses a 10mm pin...What do I need to bring with me to your house to get that piston and pin to fit on my stock crankshaft?


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