''75 Puch- Accelleration

Gary Trezza /

Thanks to everyone on this forum for their previous help. I need your input again. I now have my little Puch running O.K, but here's the dilemma: I have rebuilt the Carb, new fuel line/filter, new air box, new petcock valve, new spark plug w/ correct gap, experimented with five different size carb jets, new Biturbo exhaust, new tires, new brakes, new cables. 3000 original miles. I've done a lot, as you can tell. The lil' sucker idles great, starts first try. Prob?: It seems to be quite sluggish to accellerate, although it will top out at over 35MPH. It also seems to be much more sluggish climbing hills than I remember. I thought it might want to run richer, accounting for the experimentation with the larger jets (original size #54 all the way up to size #62, (for all you Puch-Heads like me). I'm at wit's end. I need expert help. What do ya think, fellow pedders?

RE: ''75 Puch- Accelleration

Hi Gary

If you still have it.. you might want to put the old muffler back on to see if the midrange comes back.. just as a test...quite often those pipes will take a little off the bottom/mid range.

RE: ''75 Puch- Accelleration

ryan is king of all /

if u care bout the acceleration that much, just get a smaller sproket...it'll hurt ur top end though ...so its ur chioice

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