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my friend has a mobylette. and it starts fine when it is cold. it runs great and has monster exceleration. but after it is warmed up adn u turn it off by pulling the engine stop lever and keep it off for 5 mins or more it is a REAL bitch to start. like it takes a couple runs down my half mile hill to get it started. what we do is pedal untill the engine starts turning then pull the engine stop lever and hold while pedaling and let go. it starts like this when it is cold. its not spark or fuel cause the carb is clean as a whistle and it backfires sometimes when you pedal and hold the engine stop thing in. it is also not getting TOO warm cause i can hold my hand on the cylendar for 10 secs before i have to let go. also i cant look at the spark plug cause the engine sits too upright to get my plug wrench on it.anyone had this happen or know the cause.. any answers would be greatly apreciated. also this model has a ignition off button when you turn it it also turns the engine off. which should you use and why are there 2 engine stop things?

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Use the handlebar switch to shut down the engine. In my opinion, using the compression release to stop the engine eventually carbons up the decompression valve and it will be one more thing to deal with on maintenance.

The reason mopeds in the U.S. have two engine stops is that the government thought people were too dumb to figure out how to stop the engine in an emergency.

But if you have two, doesn't that make you think which you should use?

Use the decompressor to start and the handlebar switch to stop.


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I've got a mobylette too and I use a weird kind of plug wrench. It's almost like a socket that goes over the plug, but instead of being on a ratchet you use a flat tool that's got a hole just slightly bigger than the socket and you slip that onto the socket and turn. Try a motorcycle shop or auto parts store.

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i have a motobecane and it has the exact same problem, and i hope someone out there has the solution.

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so does anyone know why the sucker isnt starting back up after 5 mins of cool down? but if u let it cool down for a good hour to hour and a half itll start right up. strange. well any answers?

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The problem you have sounds like a problem i had with my 1982 Honda ATC200 (i know, its not a moped...bear with me). The CDI module that builds up the charge for the spark was mounted under the fuel tank, over the head of the engine. Heat from the engine would heat the CDI up, and over time this would cause the CDI to fail. I would shut down the engine and have to wait about 15 minutes for the CDI to cool off before it would start back up. Someone I know has a Moby that I am looking at buying, and it looks simular, where the CDI is under the gas tank over the engine.

A way to test this is to run it until it heats up and than shut it down. If it refuses to start, disconnect the spark plug wire from the spark plug and plug in another spark plug, and lean it against the engine block, so it has a ground. Than crank the engine and look for a spark. If there is no spark, i'm pretty sure its your CDI that's bad, and you just have to replace that and it should start right up again. Worked for my 3 wheeler :)

Good Luck

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