Intramotor Gloria '77

David Jakubowski /

Just acquired an intramotor gloria '77 and am looking for any info, especially a manual? -Thanks

Re: Intramotor Gloria '77

should have a minarelli engine, right? all you need (really) is an engine manual. also, check "fred's guide" on this forum (in the resources section) for general info.

btw ... what model is it? it's a gloria intramotor bike .. but is it a blanco? a scout? a verona?

Re: Intramotor Gloria '77

Oh no! Not another minarelli! @#$!#@$$%%&*#@ :)

Re: Intramotor Gloria '77

Jason Heinlein /

i just got a intramoto gloria verona ?? or scout?? it sasy on the tank scout but on the serial number thing it says verona . so i dont know what it is, its from 8/76 and has 431 miles on it. nice condition a little rust here and their but nuthing that cant be fixed. im trying to find any info on it a manual or anything and if anyone would happen to know what this thing might be worth? anything would be helpful thanks jason

Re: Intramotor Gloria '77

all that matters is the engine. what kind is it? it's probably a minarelli. you can get a manual and info on that easy. on the off chance that it's actually a verona engine ... then just use fred's trouble shooting guide.

Hey Miguel

John Purchase /

I saw that you had Dan do some work on your Motron. (Pipe, carb, etc...)

Sounds like you're pretty happy with it, no? Any downfalls thus far? (Aside from it having too MUCH punch?) :) I was thinking about having him do some work on a few of my bikes but I haven't been able to reach him via email yet.

Any troubles mounting the Polini pipe, or was it a simple add-on?



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