Fixing my puch

I have a 1978 Puch Maxi Sport MKII. This past winter I completely disassembled it, polished the chrome and rebuilt the engine. I noticed when I was re-assembling the engine/carb that the gaskets were somewhat worn, but they didn't look cracked. Since I had to head back to college, I wasn't able to replace the gaskets. I took the moped for a quick test drive and it seemed fine. Quicker acceleration and higher top speed. A few weeks ago I went home to pack stuff up for my move to DC. The ped seemed fine until I took it downhill, it started to 4 stroke, then died. I was unable to get it started again, but it did turn over. I tested the spark, the plug is a nice toasty brown, checked the compression, I adjusted the idle and speed screws but I could never get it to start running. I sprayed carb cleaner in the head, and it would start, but then died. This leads me to think I need to replace the gaskets? Im headed home again in a few weeks and I would like to have the parts waiting for me at home. Since I dont have access to it at the moment, its hard to troubleshoot. I would like to bring it down to DC since it would be awesome in the city, but its too hard for me to try and repair it down here, so I need to fix it at home. Any help would be appreciated.



(sorry for the long post, wanted to give as many details as possible)

Re: Fixing my puch

Based on the time intervals you described, i would recommend you clean the main carb jet first before you start replacing gaskets. If the ped was stored with gas in the bowl the main jet could become clogged or you could have sediment from the gas tank in the main jet. A good clue is you sprayed starter fluid in the cylinder and it started so I would guess it is not getting air/gas mixture.

Re: Fixing my puch

Matt Wilson /

I have a puch which had a rusty gas tank until I cleaned it a month ago. One time I was just riding along at 30mph and the bike stopped. The main jet was clogged up with rust.

Check your gas tank to see if you have any rust inside. If you do clean the tank with a strong acid.

Search back posts for more than you ever wanted to know about cleaning a gas tank.


Re: Fixing my puch

InfectedBootSector /

Like mentioned before, its most likely a carb problem... take the bowl off the bottom and check for clogs in the jet.

If it isn't that, it could be that your petcock is clogged as well.. I would check the carb first though.

DC? I'm in Western MD. We are planning a BBQ in August if you are interested.

Re: Fixing my puch

Thanks for all your help you guys. I'll try doing that the next time im home.

I dont have my ped in DC yet bootsector, but Hopefully the next time I go home, i'll be bringing it back with me

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