Tomos performance suspension?

hey, I'm just wondering if you guys know where I could buy better suspension for the Tomos Targa. It bottoms out so easily, and the ride is incredibly rough. I got the moped to save money since there are better things to buy that cost 2000, and I realize its not supposed to be all that good. But damn, my ass hurts. Also, are there any seats that I could get?


RE: Tomos performance suspension?

Reeperette /

You could try using Bullet shocks on it, but I am not completely sure they are all that different.

(My 89 had really nice ones..)

The really hard part about getting better shocks is that there really isn't an upgrade for Tomos, and most shocks are ordered by part #, so it's very hard to find shocks from another vehicle to fit to it.

Your best bet is to get a catalog from a shock absorber manufacturer that has the dimensions and specs for each one, and then find one that matches to your old ones closely.

As for the seat..if you have, or can get upholstery kits/tools, you can use that and some foam & old towels and do a fair job of it yourself, but anything past that will require some real ingenuity.

Lets us know how it goes, dude.


RE: Tomos performance suspension?

Maybe you could try ordering the 5-stage adjustable Marzocchi rear shocks used on the AT/BT 50 Tomos series. They also fit the A35 series.

RE: Tomos performance suspension?

Luis Anaya /

Really? Where can I get those?! I use my moped for commute and I have to admit that sometimes my tushy hurts. I also did a long trip on it and my back did suffer the consequences, for a moment I thought that I bust a kidney. :).


RE: Tomos performance suspension?

Tomos spare part no. of these things is 221 031. Get a quote at your dealer's. The AT series was never imported to US, you'll probably have to push it a bit.

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