Puch Front Wheel Shaking

I have a 78 Puch Maxi and the other day when I was braking, it looks like the front wheel wobles back and fourth. When driving it looks perfect, when braking it looks like the rim is bent, the way it shakes, but it's not. Did anybody experience anything like this before?

RE: Puch Front Wheel Shaking

Reeperette /


Last time you put a front tire on, did you balance it precisely ?

A bent rim or unbalanced tire, or if the tire isn't quite exactly on uniformly, can cause some rather, umm, interesting effects on the ride, up to and including bouncing up and down (which is actually kind of fun, for the 1st ten minutes..).

But side-to-side shift is likely caused by something else.

On the axle there not only the outside bolts, that you use to connect the wheel to the frame, but right under those are two more bolts, which more or less hold your wheel bearings in, ok ?

Those may have worked loose, and the wheel is wandering along the axle, and you may well have warped the bearing rings or lost bearings too, if it's wandering really bad.

Take the wheel off, and try using a very flat, thinner wrench, like they have in most bicycle kits, and wind those inner bolts out a bit, check and either replace or repack the bearings, depending on condition, and wind them back down where they should be, tight enough to hold the bearings in, but not tight enough to squash them and/or make moving the wheel difficult.

Then put it back on.

Happy motorin..


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