cant get my pedal on (tomos)

chuck russo va /

i got a new pedal arm for my moped and i cant get the old pedal on, the threads on either of them are perfect and when i try to screw the pedal on it just trys to cross thread, and yes i am turning it the right way

i tryed to get it on for liek 20 min and got pissed and stoped

Re: cant get my pedal on (tomos)

Matt Wilson /


From working in a bike shop I know that there are two pedal axle sizes 1/2" and 9/16".

I thought that all mopeds had 9/16" axles but perhaps your replacement came with a 1/2" hole.

Could this be your problem?

As far as I know all pedals with the same diameter axles have the same threading.

Also you know that the threads are reversed on one side... I think its the left but I can't remember now.


Re: cant get my pedal on (tomos)

there may also be dirt in the pedal threads, making it feel like its cross threading, just keep turning it, and if it does cross thread, go to the hardware store and buy a 9/16ths tap and tap the threads back out.


p.s. make SURE its a 9/16ths pedal and you have them on the PROPER sides L on left R on right its marked on the pedal thread end.

Re: cant get my pedal on (tomos)

Hey Chuck, I got some replacements and they were 1/2" too.... so off to the bicycle shop. Doug D.

Re: cant get my pedal on (tomos)

you turn it the opposite way because when you pedal it turns the right way.

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