Upgrades to the ol' Korado

Super sweet angled MLM People's Pipe fit perfectly no bracketry required.

28mm metal mesh filter. The OD of the "18" (14:14mm) multi circuit bing air filter mount is 27mm so a couple of lobster claw holder type rubber bands in between the carb and filter works nicely. And the engine cover fits without any trouble with the new high flow filter too.

Rack from my main man in the Netherlan, De heer Will Janssen

Right now timed at 15.5-16mn btdc, main jet is 72 second leanest needle setting, and stock gears at 15x45, plus stock 3 shoe/long pad/blue spring clutch settings. I'll be running kickstart springs and an 18 tooth up front here soon and will hopefully post some results in the mid 40's shortly!

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