Bolt M-1

Eoban Binder /

Seems interesting.


- 40 mph / 7 hp ain't half-bad

- Street legal—in economy mode. Although let's not kid ourselves, it's probably trivial to switch...('oh no officer can't you see I'm in economy mode?').

- True to the moped form. Even has a 415 drive chain + bike pedal chain like a Puch. Practically looks like a direct electric conversion from a Magnum.


- $5000

- 50 miles max range

I feel like I'd be interested in something like this if it had twice the range and half the price. But someone was bound to make a decent electric moped at some point.


Re: Bolt M-1

What part of 2 cycle moped forum don't you understand ? Wrong forum fearless Fred ..tis off topic this must be ...

Re: Bolt M-1

Hmmm does look to me a magnum.

Like the wheels and brakes.

Haha as if it's really made in the Richmond.

That would nearly be impossible.

7 hp probably couldn't be registered as an electric bike in ca.

That big box must be a lot of battery.

If done right that could really scream up a hill

The ad seems modeled after another sf website that has a nifty electric skateboard.

The pedal drive as an alternative is a total joke

Could you imagine pedaling that monster anywhere

When my mopeds conk out I walk them.

An electric scoot makes eminently more sense. Less torque to get going and electric motors can really spin

I'm willing to wager Vespa will eventually have an electric scoot for Europe If not already. Much of Europe is Eco minded. Types such as the Koch bros are much quieter.

Scoots are the preferred European transport, everybody here( I'm in Rome right now ) drives one and super small electric cars and trucks are starting to appear. Lots of little corner charging stations are appearing that were not here two years ago.

I love two strokes btw.

You can never have enough things with two wheels.

Re: Bolt M-1

Los Dorados 0ld fart~ "0fmc" Wrote:


> What part of 2 cycle moped forum don't you

> understand ? Wrong forum fearless Fred ..tis off

> topic this must be ...

This is general moped talk, so whats the problem? I think the Bolt is a great proof of concept, but looks a little boxish and clunky, and 5 grand is way more than anyone on these forums would spend for one, considering an identical one could be made for under a grand.

Someone did a nice vespa ciao electric conversion, with the electric motor sitting in the stock frame position and a detachable battery pack, it came out really nice. Tesla Motors uses a few thousand of 18650 rechargeable batteries( slightly bigger than AA batteries) in packs, they can be bought really cheap and make any size/ voltage battery you want. I would total build an electric moped with one of my spare frames for under 500 bucks, but i dont know much about electric motor controls and programing. Someday soon i will

Re: Bolt M-1

Hmmm I wonder what you could do as far as re-gearing goes, I mean 7hp seems like a lot of power to only be able to hit 40 with, a tomos with a pipe can do 40 and that's what 3 maybe 4 HP?

Still a very cool first step! It would be very tempting with a more approachable price tag, but hey all new tech costs money to design and begin to be produced, in time the prices will no doubt come down?

Re: Bolt M-1

Eoban Binder /

> I mean 7hp seems like a lot of power to only be able to hit 40 with, a tomos with a pipe can do 40 and that's what 3 maybe 4 HP?

I suspect it is electronically limited to 40 mph for efficiency's sake. You could probably drive the motor and controller faster but at that point you'd really kill the range and probably shorten the life of the electronics.

And/or maybe it's just geared super-low for really good acceleration on steep SF hills.

The specs listed on the site actually give the power rating in watts (5500 W) which is roughly 7.3 hp, but any time you're talking about electric motor watts versus the equivalent horsepower of a two-stroke motor it's not perfectly comparable since you get torque at 0 rpm from an electric motor.

Re: Bolt M-1

These are totally based on moped design. Developed by Zach "Lee" Levenberg, a former Creature of the Loin who traveled from SF to the tip of Tierra Del Fuego on a Maxi when he was a teenager back in the mid-2000s.

Also developed by "Hobbit Nate" from SF, notorious for basically only riding while popping a wheelie.

These are a great first step from people who were very active within this community.

Re: Bolt M-1

Well it's the one "moped" that I would be able to tool around my neighborhood after dark without pissing off my neighbors with little ones. Unless I put a stock pipe on a tomos.

Re: Bolt M-1

It's a hipster art project

Re: Bolt M-1

Let's see what does a tesla cost? And it's purpose .....

To impress an Eco chick and get laid. At $5000 this is a steal.

Re: Bolt M-1

And my 1980 SACHS 2 cycle g-3 gets 200 miles per tank full on the open road , so i reinstate " WFFF":.... (edited)

Stick with legal cars, kids.

Another bike bade to skirt the legal rules of the road. Only a common criminal would support this illegal endeavor.

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Steven Whitright /

been discussed across other threads here/elsewhere, but to aggregate ->

+ dudes know their shit/are into this stuff/are cool (frequently offer to bring the bolt to folks around the bay to test drive etc)

+ ppl that have test ridden one have said it's awesome

+- price-point is initially expensive but makes sense (economy of scale isn't there yet/tons of R&D has gone into the project w/improvements frequently being made/the Bay Area is expensive/everything outside of normal wear-and-tear is covered on the bike + they offer free lifetime maintenance)

- two strokes are dirty... but ecological footprint-wise, there is an argument to be made that all the production externalities tied to making a new ebike (batteries... materials... fuel... etc) don't necessarily result in something that is better for the planet vs an already existing vintage bike.... that said used parts don't last forever blah blah blah

Re: Bolt M-1

Steven Whitright /

i'd actually been meaning to schedule a test drive myself for a while, and am trying to work something out for next week (not like i have $5k sitting around, but am pretty curious)

Re: Bolt M-1

Rich octasqueben /

Guys have been building ebikes with performance like this for a while on

I am converting a Mobylette with a hub motor in the rear wheel. Love electric.

Who really rides a moped more than 50 miles in a day anyway? I'd be willing to bet the average moped in use sees less than 12 miles a day.

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