Puch Maxi-S jet question

Could somebody please tell me where to find the Jet on the carburetor for this bike? Sorry, I'm a real newbie and trying to figure things out. I think that it may be clogged because I can get the bike running for about 20 seconds, then it dies out. Then I can start it up again for another few seconds, then it dies out. So it sounds like some garbage in the fuel system, or something in the jet... I was going to remove the jet and try to clean it out. Does this make sense? Is it likely some other problem?

The bike is (I think) a 1977 and has been sitting for quite a while. It ran fine for about 15 minutes yesterday after I bought it at a garage sale, and today has been giving me problems.

Any help would be appreciated. I took off the covers and was staring at the carb, but don't know which thing is the jet.

Thanks in advance!


Re: Puch Maxi-S jet question

this is easy i collect puchs so this is what u do take the carb of the manifold take a 14mm wrench and take off the bowl on the bottom of the carb right in the middle of the float area there will be a copper slotted screw thats yr jet when u take it out on the side of it there is a number and thats t size.

hope i helped


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