"Your bike is just awesome! "


.... said the extremely cute 18 year old girl.

I rolled up to a light to scoot across the street to pick up a pizza last night... as I did there was this cute girl standing there to cross the street at the same time as I was... I'm thinking... "oooh boy... that girl looks really cute from this angle".

She turns around a little.... and I'm thinking ... "even better... but darn... she might only be 14 years old!... Oh gawd... what a perv... don't look!"

The light turns and I cross the street and I park at the pizza place...

A second later she walks in... after a second the girl behind the counter says to her... "can I ask you something?... how old are you?".. (she must come in there often)

She say... 18.

(Good... I don't feel like such a perv.)

Then a second later she turns to face me and says... "that bike of yours is just AWESOME!"

I'm a bit surprised... hehe... OK..." yeah... It is kind of fun."

She... "I was hoping you'd pull into the pizza store just so I could tell you how awesome I think that bike is!"

Me.. "yeah.. too bad they don't sell many like this anymore".


Pretty funny... definitely a chuckle for me.

Never had quite that reaction before.

Re: "Your bike is just awesome! "

Girls usually tell me that I am awesome. :)

Re: "Your bike is just awesome! "

Fred, you were suppose to say " What's a nice girl like you doing at my place at 10 o'clock tonight.

Re: "Your bike is just awesome! "


Re: "Your bike is just awesome! "

InfectedBootSector /


People here just toss beer bottles out the window at me.

Get her name??? lol

Re: "Your bike is just awesome! "

Jamie Leonard /

Funny... I had the exact same thing happen.... unfortunately then the alarm went off and woke me up. ;)

(Ah well, I'll stick to my subliminal message method of meeting women instead of impressing them with my moped... "Excuse me do you have the time? coughyoufindmeirrestiblecough"


Re: "Your bike is just awesome! "

Around here Mennonite girls have sinful thoughts about me and my moped. Unfortunately the sinful thoughts are about riding a motorized vehicle with rubber wheels.


Re: "Your bike is just awesome! "

should have told her to sit have a slice of pepperoni and afterwards you'ld take her around the block.

Re: "Your bike is just awesome! "

I think maybe Fred the Moped-Gawd might also be a chick-magnet ?

fred ur a pimp!

Dave Gregory /

damn fred....gettin all the girls??? leave me some

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