Whose white Ciao at BBQ ?

Whose white Ciao is that at the BBQ. What kind of speed muffler is that and how much faster did you go after installing it. Did you have to change the jet size and drill more holes in the air box ? bruce

Re: Whose white Ciao at BBQ ?

hey bruce.. that belongs to my girlfriend emily. )

its the one that i converted to the variable speed version.. the exhaust is a proma circuit from www.50cc.nl (it also has a dellorto 13/13 carb and malossi performance air filter/air box)... that all gave it tons of top speed (maybe 35?), but it still had no low end. thats where the variable speed stuff came in. i just took the rear hub out of a brave and added the variator and rear clutch hub (and a new side cover form zippy).. that thing flies now. since the moped only weighs like 86 lbs, and i outweigh her by probably 60 lbs.. :)

its super cool, isnt it? i love that moped..


Re: Whose white Ciao at BBQ ?

Casey, I thought it was Emilys. Man would I ever like to take that thing for a spin.Congratulations on such a fine modification. That's the first Ciao I've seen hopped up.bruce

Re: Whose white Ciao at BBQ ?

awesome, thanks alot bruce... i <i>have</i> put a lot of work into it.. :)

you should check out this site.. :


they have some pretty insane ciaos there.. overbore kits, performance pipes, cosmetic mods, etc.. unfortunately, the site is in dutch.. but you can check out the "fotos" and kind of tell what they are talking about in the descriptions.

www.50cc.nl has a TON of cool stuff for the ciao.. chrome sidecovers, side stands, chrome luggage racks, overbore kits, exhausts, carbs, filters, etc... its really easy to order from there and shipping to the US takes less than a week! you should check them out...

emily's ciao has been a long time in the works.. but its finally solid enough for her to ride to work and go on long rides when we do. (and, its faster than my grande!)..


Re: Whose white Ciao at BBQ ?

Thanks for the info on those sites , I'll check them out. That is a nice bike now, I'd love to be able to compare it with my stock bike. Tell me something casey,I saw the pictures of the BBQ, I figured out some of the people in the pictures. Question... Give me a picture number and description of you.I'd like to be able to put a face to a name. Maybe if you have a little time, label a couple more faces for me . Thanks and Elvis still rocks,bruce

Re: Whose white Ciao at BBQ ?

haha, yes he does.. :) going to the show this sunday night! i havent been this excited about a show in a loong time.

as for the pics:

brian p - pic 28

me & matt sims - pic 63 (me with the smoke, sims in the blue jacket on the left)

my grande - pic 24

i think everyone else has pics on their profile pages...

btw, that picture of you on your indian rules! you are total james dean style!

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