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Still have your Evel Knievel moped?

The old man is gonna try it again:

Evel Knievel Bike

Yes I've had several inquiries from Evel about using my bike to do his 200 foot jump but I told him I didn't want him to scratch the paint.

I referred him to the Rat Bike Grande and he felt more at home with that.

Can you imagine this old fart trying to do this at age 63 with a liver transplant. He should certainly be in the Darwin Awards Hall of Fame.

He is one mean S.O.B. though. I was doing some consulting work at 20th Century Fox the day he came on the lot and took a baseball bat to a writer who had been writing some bad shit about him. He broke the guys arm and consequently landed him in jail over that one.

Maybe Simon should take up a collection among the Mopedarmy members to pay Evel to put a Mopedarmy sticker on his jump bike and make him an Honorary member of the Army.

Oh bien, sa vie

Re: Evel Knievel Bike

gimmyjimmy /

Jumping bikes at 63 ain't nothing compared to what this guy did at 77.

<img src="">;

but you have to give Evel credit, he said he wants a "permanant vacation" after this jump...he may get it.


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