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I need to replace the tires on my moped. The current tire size is 16 x 2 1/4 Would going with 16 x 2 make any difference?

Re: tire question

Not really... there is no standard for measuring tires... so one manufacturers 2" is another manufacturers 2.25".

So it really helps to see the tires in person to figure what they are really like.

They will fit and they will work though...

Re: tire question

InfectedBootSector /

Fred is right...

my Cheng Shin tires that I bought for my Maxi are supposedly 2.25. The originals are 2.00. They are the EXACT same size.

The only thing you really gotta worry about is the 16" Diameter.... and the width... just stay in the 2" range.

Stick with a good, blocky tread if you want all around good traction, or semi-slicks for speed ( failry unsafe on all but very dry, clean, warm blacktop or pavement ).

Semislicks on cold blacktop... I slid my bike like it was on ICE.

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