anyone have c70 honda parts??

merlin311 /

anyone know alot about these bikes?i've got a 1981 c70 that ive slowly been working on as time alows it.heres a rummage of its past life spray painted green and all elec taken outthis bikes in need of alot of help im converting it to off road its got stronger shocks in the back knobbies etc.

now for afew ?'s

1. i need a front end more like a dirt bike and more travel then the street set is there a honda one that would fit can i use a wiring harness off like a ct70 that does'nt have all the headlights horn taillights etc...

and if anyone has any parts i need give me a price.its got tons of money sunk into it already(did'nt know what i was gettin into:P but hey it was free)

yes i know im messing with a bike that should be converted back but there where so many peices missing you could'nt tell what exactly it was

oh yea if anyone feels like takin a ride out to the valley in cali and helpin a 16yr old get a old bike working feel free it would be appreciated:)

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