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Hi there! I'm hoping somebody here can help me out. I just bought a Puch Maxi S (I think it's a '77 but I'm not sure) at a garage sale and I need to know the appropriate fuel/oil mixture. Also, where is the choke, and in what position is the fuel petcock on?

Thanks so much for any advice you can give me, I'd really appreciate it!


p.s. this is due to my two previous mopeds having been stolen together a week ago :(

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Sorry to hear about your mopeds being stolen, Nick.

The fuel petcock position is either straight down on the all metal petcock and I think straight up on the metal/plastic petcock. I think this is correct anyways.

The correct fuel/oil ratio is 50:1, but I like to run 40:1 in mine.

The choke is a black plastic rod-like button sticking out of the top of the left side cover, or if there is no sidecover, it's just sticking out the top of the carb. Push it down to choke it, and when you hit the throttle, it pops back up.

I think you'll be happy with your new puch. They're really good, solid, reliable bikes

Re: Puch Maxi S Questions

Yeah my petcock is "on" when it's straight down, and forward is "off". Straight up is reserve

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ItsLookingUp /

I also recently purchased a Puch Maxi. The seller didn't know anything about the bike and I've never owned a Puch.

Is there an auto oiler on the bike? There is a small screw plug on the rear of the center tube that looks like it might be a place to add 2 cycle oil. for now I'm mixing the fuel.

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Thanks so much for all the help! Very much appreciated...

Now I just need to find somewhere to keep it where it won't get stolen! I think I'll have to keep it right in my apartment...

Re: Puch Maxi S Questions

what year?

Re: Puch Maxi S Questions

InfectedBootSector /

About the only think you will have problems with on the Puch is the Speedo. They are real clunkers, and I have seen MANY go out. Keep the cable and speedo. drive lubed with graphite.

Change the tranny fluid with TYpe F Auto Transmission Fluid. Its probably been sitting in there for a long time. 5.4 oz, or till it comes out of the hole on level ground. If you have trouble getting the bolt out... tap it with a rubber hammer lightly, put the bike down on it's side gently, and use a straight edge longways ( a standard screw driver works great, used on it's side) to loosen the bolt.

Hmm.. other things... ( trying to think of what my 78 needed...)

Ah yes, if it has been sitting for a REAL long time, you may need to replace the float needle in the carb. The rubber tends to dry out and shrink, cuasing the jet to stay open all time, filling the bowl up until it overflows. Real easy job... takes about 5 minutes. I can get you diagrams and pictures from a repair manual if you need them, but it's a good idea to get the manuals from the Moped Warehouse.

Re: Puch Maxi S Questions

ItsLookingUp /

I think it's an '84.

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