Moped Shop/ Our 1st house....

Well..... not really a moped 'work shop' yet..... BUT:

My wife and I are buying our first home--- we close june 28th. we should be moved in by the 4th of July-- cool.

There's a good sized garage, and she said I could have the whole thing to myself--- for mopeds.

I'll post a picture of my current "shop" which is really a front porch with 3 mopeds and a bunch of tools jammed in it.

The garage will be sweet---- I'm more exited about having room to work on my mopeds I hardly ever think of owning my own home--- just about having my own garage!!

Like I said, I'll post a photo of my current "shop" more as a joke, so you can see how much better it is once we move---

If other people have cool shops, or mini shops, or good ideas for setting up shop---- post away!!! I'd rather set it up nice right from the start.....

Post photos of your work shop too, if you can.... I'd love to see what other people are doing--- I should take all the best ideas and use them to set up my garage.

We might get a small truck soon, which I could use to get more mopeds--- they are always for sale in maine, but always someplace i've never heard of---

"Township # R5-7G"

what the heck kind of name is that? named after a droid??? I'm a bit wary to go to a part of my state that has numbers instead of a name.

but, if It turns up a good moped.... it'd be worth it.

Re: Moped Shop/ Our 1st house....

chuck russo va /

my current work shop is a 3 car garage with no cars in it, it has my tools all over the floor and moped parts are all over the floor also

but soon i am down grading to my barn, it has a concrete floor so it shouldent be too bad except there is no electicity in there, but i ahve a portable generator and i am getting a small air compressor soon and maybe even a cheapo mig welder, i have a big work bench with 2 vises and a grinder/wire brush thing

cheap peds

chuck russo va /

i bet the peds up in these nameless townships are really cheap cuz there probibly isnt a moped shop for like 300 miles and when something breaks on it, it probibly never got fixed so they are probibly sellin them cheap

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