My moped

Sebastian /

I am sad, let me tell you why.

I woke up at 6:00 am in the morning and got ready for school, I then put on my back pack pulled out of the garage and started to go down my drive way. My moped didn't run because the engine was cold, no big deal. So I finally get it going after 2 minutes, now i'm off to school I pull up to school and got laughed at (No big deal, i laugh at my self when i think about me riding a moped). So I get to school, chain my bike up and go off to class. during lunch I go to check up on my moped and it's not there, I was told the maintenace people probally moved it to there garage. no big deal, i get it at the end of the day. So the end of the day rolls around and I found out my moped was stolen. I was mad that someone stole it and was going to find them and kick there ass but my school police officer advised me not to. So I made a stolen vehicle report and hope that i get it back in one piece. Now i must go and rome the streets and look for my bike.

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chuck russo va /

dude that sucks, i hope u find it and u should kick there ass cuz i know i sure as hell would

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yea chucks right. if someone stole my ped and i found out who it was, i hope they know how to stop a mad man cuz they would die.

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somebody had the nuts to kick my moped, while I was right there--- I beat him into an amublance.

It wasn't over theft--- but dont mess with my moped. he would have been better off kicking me in the shins.

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My moped don't leave my site. I don't know what i'm gonna do with it when i ride it to work. I work at a grocery store and there are tons of kids and people out on the porch. I have the fork lock thing for it but that won't prevent someone from walking off with it.

Hope you find your ped dude


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chuck russo va /

ray a u need to get a thick ass cable lock,

dont cheap out and buy a cheezy one get a nice one that is at least a half inch thick like a kriptonite lock there liek 50 bucks but its worth it

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You need to invest in a Kryptonite U lock and a Kryptonite cable lock. That shit is invincable.

Re: My moped

Ree laughs at the krypto-crap. He said he uses friggin ELEVATOR CABLE.

I feel safe with the krypto--- Ree's been through a lot of bad areas....

course, I'm in Maine--- that's a long way from Baltimore.

Ayuh, aint much happens up noth. I do pahk my cah in the pahkin garage.... and I use Regula gas before I go to pick up lobstah for dinna

I don't think there's a person in our state who can actually pronounce the "er" at the end of a word.

I have one friend who says "Quart" but it actually comes out like "Kwat" or "Quot"

as in, can I have a Kwat of milk?

Re: My moped

flannelman /

lucky i never had that trouble yet but if i ever did i feel sorry for that person people in my area know i have a screw loose and wont flinch in kickin so ass

if i was you i would walk your hood and the area near your school

most time when people steal stuff like that there not going far with it

if there are any field or big park i would check around that area

ive had bycycle stole from me and thats were i would find them

keep your hope up and i hope you find those ass holes

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