Puch Maxi Turn Signals

OK this may sound like a daft question, but how are my turn signals powered??

I cant find a trace of any mention of a battery in the manual, or on the ped itself.

I was assuming maybe it was of the magneto / generator off the engine like on my PX125. But when I switch off the engine & leave the turn signal on the relay is still clicking & the lights flashing! It will do it on demand even days after I've been out on it.

I've left it on by accident a few times for about ten minutes & its still going.

So my question is, is it a battery I haven't found yet or some kind of capacitive storage in the electrics box ??

Any ideas

Re: Puch Maxi Turn Signals

I didn't think any Puch Maxis came with turn signals, although some were equipped with Cateye add on signals, which do indeed have a battery. Look for a small gray plastic box about 5"long and 3" high and 1" thick somewhere on the moped. My Newport came with this system, but it was completely trashed. I'm going to rig up my own. Jerry.

Re: Puch Maxi Turn Signals

Cheers JYD,

Yeah this one came with indicators (or turn signals as u guys call em) as standard as it was for the UK market.

Yes it does indeed have a battery!

After your mention of the box which on my Maxi is about the size of a cigarette pack & sits in the middle of the rear rack, I opened it up & was amazed to find a cluster of D cells!! I didn't think it was possible to fit such a cluster in such a small box.

Just wondering now if it charges from the engine or if its a replace it job when the batteries fail.

Re: Puch Maxi Turn Signals

I was looking at the wiring diagram for my Puch Newport, and it came from the factory with an extra wire on the light switch to hook up an accessory turn signal system to. It appears this was designed to charge the battery pack, as it would have been energized with the engine running and there was another switch mounted on the handlebars to control the signals with. I didn't really look it over very good, the battery case and all 4 turn signals were broken, so I just thew the whole thing away. Jerry.

Re: Puch Maxi Turn Signals

If your batt box has d-cells in it(check to make sure they are not c's) maybe differently labeled in uk?...then you just replace them, cat eye made 2 systems, one was powered by replaceable batteries and the other had a rechargeable batt pack mounted on the cross bar of the front blinkers. one way to tell are your "indicators" amber on thier frontside and red on the backside? or do they look more like a standard motorcycle blinker? if the former then just toss the bats when they wear out, if the latter then they are charged from the magnieto. hope this helped, Best of luck to you!

Re: Puch Maxi Turn Signals

Then mine, or what little was left of it, was the rechargable type. Jerry.

Re: Puch Maxi Turn Signals

I have a set of those, mostly intact, I had a set when I was a kid, I know a guy who is selling something called gadabout, I have seen pics of these new in box, he is selling them for 40.00, only diff is lamps are rectangular vs round, save your parts they are saleable, his e-mail is stooves03@yahoo.com if you are interested in a new set, i will be buying some as soon as I can afford, they are great safety additions, cat-eye/gaddabout either one they are very bright really help at night! ride hard be safe!

Re: Puch Maxi Turn Signals

Junkyard, check out andrewhed, he is selling a fully functional set of cateyes, see buy/sell fourum...FYI, That is all!

Re: Puch Maxi Turn Signals

Anthony Mangia /

What exact battery do I need for the turn signals and where can I buy one? I'm about to buy a 77 Puch Maxi Luxe and the guy told me the battery needs changing. But I'd like to buy it before I purchase so everything is in running order. Any help will be great..!

Re: Puch Maxi Turn Signals

They are sub-c size, a replacement pack can be made for you at an rc hobby shop or Batteries plus locations, take the old one in with you. Be careful removing the wires, you will have to cut, they can be brittle. They are ni-cads

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