i remember some people talking about fix-a-slat a while ago, and i was just wondering which version to get. would the version for bikes be good enough?

Re: Slimed!

Slime, but there are problems with stuff inside your tires

the slime coats the outside of the tube as you ride--- the slime pressing 'out' from inside the tire creates centrifugal drag, and in theory at least, that will slow your moped down.

a tire without slime will spin faster than a slimed tire.

But then again, a flat tire won't spin at all.

I was advised against slime-- it works great but could slow down your moped.

Has anyone else heard of this? the faster your tire spins, the more the slime acts as a drag force.... ???

Re: Me thinks

When the wheel starts to rotate, the Slime will probably take a second or so to get up to speed and distribute itself, creating some rolling resistance.

Once the wheel is spinning, the Slime will also be spinning at the same speed.


Re: Slimed!

Ron Brown /


I recall from previous posts that you are no lightweight.

I also recall something about a gel-cell and a humongous stereo,

Add to that, the 12 oz. cup of coffee you are holding in one hand.......and you are worrying about the 4 oz. of slime in your tires. : )

Seriously, other than the added weight, it will make no difference to the speed. I am noy sure I ever heard of centrifugal drag. It must be one of these forces that make two wheeled vehicles countersteer.


Re: Slimed!

Hehehe good point, Ron---

rethinking it, I doubt a few ounces of slime would make much of a difference---

The guy at the motor bike shop told me that "drag" was why some people didn't like it---

But you're right--- the difference is so small, that I doubt it would matter much--- 'specially on a moped loaded up like mine.

My moped says not to exceed 180 pounds..... maybe even 170.... can't remember exactly.

I betcha with me and my gear, it's at least 60 pounds over the weight linit.

Re: Slimed!

slim sucks.. it ends up rotting your tires becasue it is amonia bassed.. it literaly eats the tires and destroys rigidity.

True enough it will stop a small leak.. as long as the nail or stick doesn't pop out it will seal it.. but if there is a hole in it.. it will just blow out with the air. FIX A FLAT SUCKS...

it is highly corrosive and is used for emergency use.. to get you to a plac eyou can get your tire fixed or replaced. it is not to be used on a permineant basis and should be imediatly taken out of the tire and have the tier properly fixed as soon as possibly after using it.

FIX A FLAT IS BAd.... just get some on you arm for a few minutes.. or better yet.. look at some thats been riding in a tires for a week or two.. and tell e you wouldn't mind using that tire agian... shaaaa... not on my truck!

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