motobecane motor mounts

Any one ever change these?? I got my bike powder coated and the mounts got ruined in the oven. Ive been trying like hell to press a set out of a parts bike with no luck. Any ideas? Im stumped. They look like they press right out, but I used a hydraulic pump and they didnt budge, just bends the metal.

Re: motobecane motor mounts

Ron Brown /

Matt, from the manual:

You must have special tool 100024.

Bushings are removed and installed from inside to outside.

one part the special tool is a hollow tube with one closed end, just larger than the diameter of the bushing and the closed end has a hole for the puller bolt (it looks a lot like a chassis punch).

When removing bushings, this part is positioned on the outside of the frame, the bolt is passed through the puller and the bushing, then another part of the puller, a recessed disk, slightly smaller than the outside of the bushing, but still fits against the outside diameter, then a nut on the bolt to pull the bushing into the shell of the outer part of the puller.

For replacement, the same set up is used, except a spacer is inserted in the outer shell of the puller to stop the bushing when it ia positioned corectly.

Replace the belt before tightening the upper engine mounting bolt to reduce stress on the bushings.

Hope this kelps.


Re: motobecane motor mounts

Jack Kanuf /

Otherwise what you can do is put some K-Y Jelly on the bush and the shaft should slide right in. I have problems too. My bike just took a DUMP as you can see in the picture. So I was wodering if will still peddal right with it being tigh and rusty, or if they make some special lube I can put on it so I won't have to pump so hard.

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