How many ride mopeds to work?

Jamie Leonard /

I'm just finding myself curious how many folks out there use mopeds as daily transportation (I use mine for the hour long ride to work every non raining day... and I'd use it more if I trusted the car drivers to be able to drive in the rain!) Actually wednesdays now I'll be spending almost 3 hours daily on a moped (putting on around 130-145km every wednesday)

Just was curious how many folks used theirs as more of a weekend ride, and how many did the daily trek through traffic (which I always thought would make a great epic movie... "Through the city on a moped" - no need for special effects, stuntment... frankly average city driving would provide lots of thrills and chills! ;)


Re: How many ride mopeds to work?

chuck russo va /

well not having a lisence leaves me with only a moped to drive, i drive it everywhere i need to go.

i used to drive my ped to work when i had a job but now i dont so i just drive it to all my friends house's and now some of my friends have gotton mopeds so its pretty tight

i put over 1500 miles on it in a few monthes, and i put 2000 miles on my old one in 2 monthes, but i ahvent been riding latly cuz the piston is fried but im fixin it today so i can ride again

Re: How many ride mopeds to work?

i ride to work every day... i feel so much better not needing to drive. its not a far drive (about 6 miles each way).. but i also drive to band practice 2 or 3 times a week (about 12 miles each way) and to my other job one day a week (16 miles each way)... plus all my other travelling around. the only time i ever dirve my van is if i need to transport something that is too big to carry on my moped (ie: new mopeds).

the most recent milage check on mine said 910 miles since i bought it the 2nd week of april. :)

Re: How many ride mopeds to work?

I don't ride my Ciao to work for two reasons. I wish it was more dependable. I never know what each ride will bring .It is getting better all the time with an inline gas filter and a cap full of carb. treatment added. Thanks Fred for his 'guide to fixing.' But secondly, I had a back operation 5 years ago and the vibration on the motor can sometimes play hell with the nerves in my back and legs. I know my limits and listen to my body and only really take short 5 mile rides . I'm thankful to my surgeon for making the rides possibe, there was a time when I could not walk or stand.I'm okay now , I just have to be careful and not over do anything. Swarm and destroy,bruce

Re: How many ride mopeds to work?

My stereo has recently prevented me from riding to work on rainy days. Although I've waterproofed the stereo, and have weatherproof speakers, and plenty of fuses, and no exposed electronics-- I still worry about a huge downpour.

I'm going to do additional water proofing, just in case (the spray on stuff, so water can't get in at all)

But I just picked up my 2nd QT-50, and it's "Naked" so to speak....

Before I was riding my moped to work every nice, with a "Non-Stereo" moped, I can ride every day.

I live only 2 miles from work, and I ride to work really slow, having a coffee, going like 5-10 mph, watching the morning sun.... there are bike lanes almost the whole way, so my slow speed isn't a problem.

Last year, I rode my moped every day unless it was actually a downpour.

My wife wants to get us a second vehicle--- (I thought my moped WAS our second vehicle!?)

I'm going to get us a little truck, so I can drive up north and buy more mopeds.....there's always mopeds for sale, but like a 4 hour drive just to see them. Plus, going to the BBQ would be easier in a truck.....unload my moped a few blocks away and act like I've ridden from Maine.....!

Joke, But yes-- I try to ride the moped every day--- and when this place gets too crazy, I go out for a ride at lunch and the wind blows all the stress away.....!

Re: How many ride mopeds to work?

Dan Webber Kastner /

I ride to work just about every day. I am on a quest to get all my bikes running well, so if one is broken i can just ride the next one. I have two up now, so hopefully unless it is raining i will ride to work every day until it snows.

Re: How many ride mopeds to work?

i use it for my daily commute, which is about 15 minutes, except when it gets too cold, rain doesn't really bother me. but funny enough, i don't ride too much on the weekends. go figure.

Re: How many ride mopeds to work?

Wayne, you forgot to say that you ride to work and beat people up along the way :)

how'd you ever make out with Mr.Macho in court over that episode ?

Re: How many ride mopeds to work?

30 miles a day back and forth to work through the ghettos of Trenton NJ every day here... not dead yet :)

got me a Pollini kit in my Avanti now so I can keep up with the 4 wheelers..

today I got a 3rd breadbag on my bike- holds my rainsuit

it sure is getting nasty-cloudy looking out there right now

Re: How many ride mopeds to work?

I really hate riding in the rain, and it

Re: How many ride mopeds to work?

i ride whenever i can. otherwise, i usually walk. exception is if a friend and i are going someplace together in a car (often due to rain or being many of us).

Re: How many ride mopeds to work?

like seemingly everyone else, i will ride my moped to work unless it is raining. my ride to work is a relatively easy five minute downhill jaunt.

traffic gets a little hectic depending on time of day especially when west main blends with business loop I-94 (west michigan ave.)

i really don't worry about it tho'. i like cruising along at 25 while everyone else is passing me at 40. (speed-limit is 30)

back home takes a little longer because i'd rather skip the straight uphill climb i have to endure if i take the route home i take to work.

it makes the ride a bit longer but, i can avoid a left hand turn on a four lane road. (two lanes of traffic going both ways. no turn lane. no turn signals. i'm really afraid some one is not going to see me standing there with my arm signal. i won't chance it and it sucks.)


Re: How many ride mopeds to work?

Jamie Leonard /

Ditto here... if I get a choice of avoiding a left hand turn on a busy road and taking 5 minutes longer, or less time with the turn.. I'll spend the time!

Re: How many ride mopeds to work?

i like taking the long ways most of the time. the beauty of the moped is that you're not so depending on traffic as cars are. and you get a chance to discover some beautiful neighborhoods.

there's a hardware store we in kzoo frequent. it's on stadium drive (which is the biz loop of i-94). it's a hellish ride on mopeds. but ... if you take oaklind drive, you can hit the hardware store (gale's) from any of multiple directions riding through one of the most scenic residential neighborhoods in kzoo. it's all trees and quiet streets and beautifully architectured houses ... and then suddenly ... you end up at the corner where gale's is located. sometimes, at night, we ride around that neighborhood just to ride it. it's a great place.

Re: How many ride mopeds to work?

I haven't ridden mine to work yet but i rode past it, i took the girlfreind home on the Jawa today. It's about 3 miles past my workplace. And the it's about 9 miles to work. And 9 miles back. It ony took me a half an hour to get from her plave to home. I don't drive the Z-28 much, only when the old lady wants to go to the mall or something.


I do

I ride either 1 mile to work, or about 5 miles, depending on which place I'm working. I also ride about a mile to school.

Like Casey and a few others said, I only use my car when I have to.

taking the long way home

Yeah unless I'm in a hurry and have something I must do, I usually take the long way home, just to ride. After being pent up in school or work, a ride is just what I need.

Sometimes I go in the opposite direction of my home "on the way" there. Today I ended up in Mount Storm on the way from UC to my house, for those who know where that is...

Re: I do

Me too. I use it for business meeting downtown, saving myself the outrageous Toronto parking fees (up to $5/half hour) or $20 tickets.

Re: I do

david f martin /

I put about 25 miles a day on mine (11 miles from work, plus lunch).


Re: I do

I suck...I can't ride my moped to work...Well I could, but I would have to get up even earlier, and that just isn't feasable. :)

Re: How many ride mopeds to work?

I ride my moped about 6 miles to the commuter train station on nice days when it's not too windy.

People will often ask me why I don't just buy a motorcycle?

Here's why:

1)A motorcycle requires a test and special designation on my driver's license

2)I would have to pay for parking at the train station--I can park my moped anywhere you could park a bicycle--for free!!

3)Easier for me to handle a moped than a heavy m-cycle (I don't think I could pick it up if it fell)

4)I can maneuver better with a 'ped--and I was able to cut through a park one day when a street was blocked.

5)mopeds are cheaper to maintain, and get better mileage.

screw parking tickets!!

I got like 3 tickets last summer, I think, for my car. Expired meters. Only $14, but they double if you don't pay them in 7 days.

And parking a car in "downtown" Cincinnat is like $7 a day (in a garage), and it's $30 a month at my campus.

another reason why mopeds save you money...

Re: screw parking tickets!!

$7 PER DAY to park????

Wow, it costs $8 just to enter a parking lot in downtown Chicago, then at least $7-8 for each hour after that!!

Of course, if you opt for the all-day deal, then it's only $18. plus city taxes of around 4-5 bucks.

Re: screw parking tickets!!

Jamie Leonard /

Let's just say parking in downtown Toronto usually involves several internal organs and/or your first born child. :)

(Most of the places I've been working the last while you basically can't really GET pay parking anywhere close anyways - so the its the moped or public transit (which I do on nastier weather days)

Re: How many ride mopeds to work?

Jon Dalton /

I ride 1/2 hour each way through rain, snow or whatever else, going on the highway for about a mile. Driving a car with one person in it is just unwise in my opinion, and I can't afford to spend money that way.


Mopeds rule!

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