Starting to worry about theft.

There are several kids in my neighborhood getting to the age where they are getting to question authority (13 or so ?)... and be smartassed with adults.

Many of them ride those GoPeds.

My ped used to be slow and all that.. and was nothin special.

The fast Gopeds would beat it (by a little).

Now that it will smoke their gopeds... I am starting to worry about theft.

I used to leave the ped out in front of my garage a lot at night because I didn't think anybody would ever really want it.

This might be one case where paranoia is good.

Wheneverr it gets dark now... I roll it into the garage and close it.

Better safe than sorry.

Never carried a bike lock/chain on it before either... and I'm going to start .. so I can lock it up now.

Re: Starting to worry about theft.

Dan Webber Kastner /

better safe than sorry. buy a ulock.


swarm and destroy

Re: Starting to worry about theft.

Maybe you should have riden it the same way as before and the kids in the area wouldn't have known it was 'new and improved'. As soon as you were out of their sight,let her rip. Hind sight is wonderful isn't it. bruce

Re: Starting to worry about theft.

Keeping it inside is the best solution. They can

fred....u need som1 to keep them in line???

Dave Gregory /

if u want i can teach those youngings a lesson!!! damn im pretty much there age. but that means i can put them in there place and not get put in jail. if they give u ne crap tell them 2 come see me....time for a good old fastioned pistol wippin' lol


Re: fred....u need som1 to keep them in line???

I keep my 'ped in the garage at night and lock it up if I'm out somewhere where it will be left unsupervised for longer than several minutes.

On my way to work, I look out the train window and see many scooters (mostly Hondas and Yamahas--no mopeds) parked at the train stations--and none of them are locked! Yet all of the BICYCLES are locked up tight--even the old beaters...amazing.

Also--I bought a locking gas cap for my 'ped after reading a post here in this forum about kids vandalizing. Better to be safe than sorry.

Re: fred....u need som1 to keep them in line???

Marc Jutras /

I'm curious about how you lock your moped. I can lock my bicycle to anything strong enough. But I figure a moped can't be locked anywhere like a bicycle as it can be considered to be more of a motorcycle.

If you can't lock it to anything, do you simply put a U lock on the wheel preventing it from rolling? Is it good enough when you park on the street (between cars)?

Re: fred....u need som1 to keep them in line???

I use a kryptonite cable with a strong lock and lock the 'ped up to a post or bike rack. I don't think you need to park your moped in a regular parking place --I've seen scooters and mopeds (and even small motorcycles) parked by bike racks and just about anywhere you'd park a bicycle (like the sidewalk in front of a store).

If I couldn't find a post or anything to secure the moped to, well, I just wouldn't leave it unattended for very long. Anyone with a van or truck could come along and hoist it on board.

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