I live in ohio, insurance needed?

Once again I would like to thank Fred for his great morals, I live in Ohio, and I have seen people with insurance and without, I dont know which to go with, I cant ask the people at the DMV because they are absolutely retarted, also I need to know if you need to provide proof of insurance when getting plates, Thanks


no, here's the link

NO you don't need it.

Here's the Ohio list of requirements (note rear-view mirrow) and permitted mopeds.

I've talked to Cincinnati police a handful of times, and if they claim to know anything about mopeds, it's usually wrong. But most are very nice and honest and say they have no idea about moped laws.


do not exceed 20 mph though

"The helper motor may not:


have a piston displacement of more than 50 cubic centimeters;

• produce more than one brake horsepower; and

• propel the vehicle at a maximum speed greater than 20 mph on a level surface.


I was going 30 when I got pulled over today, I guess he didn't know about that part of the law...

Re: I live in ohio, insurance needed?

Kevin Harrell /

You do not need insurance in Ohio. But it is a good idea, and it is fairly cheep. Try the Progressive Insurance site for a quote. I did and found it relitively cheep, and the best thing is that the anti-theft insurance can be tagged on for less than the price of eating at McDonald's.

Re: I live in ohio, insurance needed?

I thought 30 was the legal top end for a moped?

Re: no, here's the link

It's funny that every moped on Ohio's moped list can do over 20mph, yet they state that the max speed is 20.

Re: no, here's the link

That Cimatti that's rotting in my basement has a sticker on it that says "THIS MOPED WILL NOT EXCEED 20 MPH" but the speedo registers up to 50 MILES per hour, for some reason...


You've got a Cimatti "rotting" in your basement? Which model? Any good for parts?


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