my chopper

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getting closer to getting done with it i just got done with converting it to 12v with a car aternater it doesnt look that bad but does any one know were i can get a battery box cheap for a motorcycle battery

oh ya just if your wondering this is a moped

1978 honda expess with a milled head and port exhaust and intack

im getting 35mph now but it will probly drop when i finish it ill get pic for it when im finish with it

just to let every one know it does matter if you put gas atives in

i use heat in my gas tank to help with water in gas

and card cleaner to help with the tarishing

fred was wrong on that

ive been working on moped and motorcycle and cars most of my life

but he is right it wont help your perfomance any

and if you use to high of an octane you could burn your piston or worse ive done it its not fun

Re: my chopper

picture, please?

Re: my chopper

octane relates to knock resistance. the higher the octane the harder to ignite. it won't burn a piston head etc. you will actually loose power and mileage. if your ignition system isn't up to par as mine is, you'll blow a lot of it out the pipe. if you want a good additive, try marvel mystery oil.

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