I just got pulled over

I felt a little froggy, so I hopped on the Puch and rode to Everybody's records (20 minutes or so away), even though I lost my license plate in Kalamazoo and hadn't got a new one yet.

On the way back, in Norwood (of all places) a police car behind me turned on his lights and siren, and I pulled over. He kept his flashing lights on during the whole exchange, even though we were in a parking lot. SOP I guess.

Anyway, I had to sit there for like 10 minutes on my moped, in front of his car, while a steady stream of people drove by, staring at me.

Some long-haired heavy metal kids walked by, and thought it was pretty funny. I had to try really hard to keep the cop from seeing me smile.

I told him "I think the plate fell of this morning, sir" (MY FINGERS WERE CROSSED)and he seemed ok with that. I guess he ran my driver's license #, to make sure it was registered. Then he just told me I needed to get a new plate, and "have a nice day."

The whole time I was thinking "I'll post about this on Moped Army," so here you go.

Re: I just got pulled over


Re: I just got pulled over

it helps if you tell what state you are in.

No plates, registration, or insurance... required here in MI.

I'm from Ohio.

I should have mentioned it, but my profile says I'm from Ohio.

No insurance required in Ohio, but a moped must be registered, and wearing a license plates.

Don't Michigan mopeds have to have to be registered, with a three year sticker with a serial number on it?

Re: I'm from Ohio.

yep, we need those stickers. i just got pulled over yesterday by a campus rent-a-cop because he couldn't see the sticker. but he let me go. so no harm.

mich laws

what all do we need in michigan?

Oh shoot !

hehe.. guess what ?

We are supposed to have those stickers... but you don't have to carry a registration.. (correct me if I'm wrong Michiganders).

But guess what ?

I have never yet bothered to get one of those stickers !

I probably have had a moped 14 years or more... never got one of those stickers... maybe I ought to ?

I'd say the cops don't even LOOK at mopeds .. unless the rider does something illegal or stupid to attract his attention.


Michigan Requirements

All mopeds operated on public roads in Michigan are required by law to have a three-year registration decal visible to police officers. It costs $15 and expires in April.

Re: Oh shoot !

haha the police are funny. Most really don't know what the moped laws are, and I've found that as long as you're not acting crazy, they leave you alone.

When I said "registered" I just meant in the sense of having license plates, then you are "registered" in Ohio. We don't carry our papers with us (I hope we're not supposed to carry the receipt from our tags with us!), but as long as there is a serial # associated with them, from the state, then I guess they're registered.

I already know of one case where a stolen moped was recovered when the police just ran the serial number and contacted the rightful owner.

Re: Oh shoot !

we've recentlyd discovered that some kzoo cops are pretty ok. some of them carry a card w/ moped laws/requirements (he showed it to dan and i after he pulled us over for riding double).

Re: Oh shoot !

Dan Webber Kastner /

I have been pulled over 12 times in kalamazoo on my moped. I have gotten a ticket for not having my bike registered. it is easier for me to just get registered now.


swarm and destroy

This'll be cute.

Reeperette /

Once I convert the Targa...since the sticker is on the rear fender I eventually have to remove...I shall have to carry it with me, leastways till I can figure out if I can get a re-issue or new sticker or what.

Guess I'll tie a string to it and put it over my shoulder bandolier style, so that the folks behind me can read it, heh.


Re: Oh shoot !

I had a cop demand to see my sticker receipt. He scrutinized over my paperwork for about half an hour then failed to write me a ticket for no lights even tough it was about 11pm when I got pulled over.

Or maybe he bought the

Re: This'll be cute.

Dan Webber Kastner /

they will just reissue you one i am pretty sure.

any pics of this new ped?

Re: This'll be cute.

I've heard rumors that Ohio moped riders engage in "license plate switching" but I'm sure that's not true.

I also heard a rumor that one moped has a Florida license plate on it from the 70s, but that's pretty unbelievable.

Re: This'll be cute.


Re: Oh shoot !

I wonder.... if those cards are a result of the strong moped presence in K-mazoo---

Like once a city exceeds its "moped limit" the cops wise up--- as long as you live where there aren't "a lot" of other mopeds, you're more likely to get ignored---

My plan to get a branch of the army could backfire--- suddenly there's 15 mopeds buzzing around my little city instead of the 2 or 3 we now have..... next thing you know, cops can spot an upgrade kit at 50 yards.....

Once I get my garage (all to myself, with no car) I'll be fixing up more and more mopeds, and selling them only to people I know will be riding them....

I think I'll offer Russ S. that he could be working on one or two of his there too. He's currently keeping all 5 of his mopeds in a big shed he built, but there's not much room to actually do work.

Once I have a shop set up.... it shouldn't be long before my small engine skills develop more quickly so I can move from carb rebuild to engine rebuilds.

Note on this.

Reeperette /

Ohio and Indiana have a binding legal agreement with Michigan to accept each others licenses, plates, registration, etc - as valid in their own state.

That means if yer 'ped is plated in Michigan, even if Ohio considers it a motorcycle - then yer ok, and they are supposed to acknowledge it as a moped, and not hassle you about it.

Just so you know.


Re: I just got pulled over

Matt Scout The Scouting Dcon /

Anyone know if you need a title for a moped in Michigan??? Bidding on a moped from IL, has no title, didn't think it was a problem but I can't find any info on the SOS site.

Re: I just got pulled over

Why did ya bring up a 5 year old post to ask that question?

Why bother?

Why would a cop waste his time pulling someone over on a registration violation. Seems like a big waste of the cop's time, heck he could be pulling over good looking women if he wanted something to do. I mean the fee is so small and there are not a hell of a lot of mopeds out there, so they are not making any real money off registration.


Re: This'll be cute.

Here in Maryland you can use old license plates and register them to antique cars as long as the plate # hasn't been used.

Don't need plates for mopeds here though.


Re: Why bother?

junk peddaler- brewwagon /

some personal plate ideas "mo tag" " mia" "spc 4 rnt" "pll m ovr" "rlln jnk" "sml bk" " slw rd" " rlln vio" "mopig" "mocrp"

Titles needed in MI, YES or NO?

Matt Scout The Scouting Dcon /

So you could ask me that question.

Last time I made a new post to ask a question, someone posted "This has been brought up bunches of times, just search for it." Regarding titles needed in Michigan and found this post. Since it was close to what I wanted to ask, I figured I would bring it up under the topic rather than start a new one and not get hassled again.

So I'm a newbie at this, does that mean I get to catch flak until I learn everything there is to know about mopeds and riding them? C'mon guys, give me a break.

Re: Note on this.

Allen Murphy /

Hint--it's called "covenant between the states", and covers ALL 50 states.

If it's registerd as a moped in WI, and I'm in CA with WI plates, title and DL-it's a moped, and I don't need a MC licence to drive it.

No FUCKING WAY that anyone could know all the DL and registration laws, so if you're legal in your state of residence, you're 50 state good.

Ohterwise-I know a few cops who would screw every FIB that crosses the state line!

Al Murphy

Re: I just got pulled over

I m with ya, isnt a nice experience!

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