Derbi Variant

Looking for help with an 84 Derbi variant. Just got it and it

starts and runs well, but I've heard all these crazy stories

about Derbi's going 55-60mph with some modifications. I'm just

barely hitting 30 and I'd like to know how to get that extra

performance. If anyone knows what parts I'd nead/ how to modify

the parts I have please e-mail me. Thanks.

RE: Derbi Variant

You need to find Sergi and contact him. He will know, since Derbi is popular in Spain.

RE: Derbi Variant

Your Variant is quite old to find many tuning producys. Anyway, as Derbi is Spanish, and popular in Spain and so is Variant, you might want to check out this Spanish tuner: Metrakit: Anyway, I don't think you'll find much for such an old model, but more recent variants DO reach 60 mph.

RE: Derbi Variant


Thanks for the link to the sight. Turns out there are still kits and stuff available for my moped (variant america). Unfortunately they are a little expensive and probably illegal here in the states. Seeing as how there are no dealers listed for the U.S. and all the prices are listed in Ptas or Euros.

Some of the mods seem pretty straightforward like the crazy muffler and the larger piston and cylinder. but where do the "rollers" "nozzles" and "reeds" go or do? and what is the difference between a "mahle Piston", an "asso piston" and a regular old stock piston? Just trying to figure out what makes these mods work. Thank you for your help.


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