What makes a speed kit??

i was just wondering what do they do to make it a speed kit? i know the ped will go faster!! I was thinkin about puttin on on my Jawa 210 once i get it fixed. well what ever ya come up with would be helpful!! Thanks!!


RE: What makes a speed kit??

Keep in mind that all vehicles sold to the general public are made to be civilized........they are fairly quiet, smooth, reliable, and get good gas mileage.........what a "speed kit" does is take away some of the "niceness" and trades that for more noise, power and speed, less reliability, and less gas mileage.

They do that by going for more displacement, and "more aggressive" engine tuning.

What is "engine tuning"?... on a 2-stroke it is the shape and size of the exhaust pipe... the size and location of the holes (ports) in the cylinder...the compression ratio on the cyl head, the size and location and type of the carburetor and reed valve on the intake.

Almost all mopeds (in the US) are 50cc (actually 49) and make maybe 2 HP..... and it is possible to make a 50cc engine put out around 20HP....... now those are highly tuned racing engines that have to have a new piston every 2 hours and have very narrow range of power and are not suitable for casual use

So for a fairly complete "speed kit".... you get a bigger piston and cyl... exhaust pipe... cyl head.... and carb

For less performance you could just get an exhaust pipe and maybe get 5 mph..

RE: What makes a speed kit??

Hey! Speed is not the answer my friends. Remember this motto to live by: "It's all about style!"

Yes, most mopeds were made to be civilized. That's a good thing. We can't beat a motorcycle in a race. No problem. But we can be much more styling! ;-) Moped is about rock and roll in a subtle way.

Bright shiny colors. Polished chrome. That precise mix of stock and modified parts. That's where it's at.

So ... if you're going to modify your moped, don't go for speed. Go for pure style and looking smooth. Besides, you want to go slow enough so that people can SEE you as you roll by thinking "Ciao! Baby!" on your smooth Italian moped.

RE: What makes a speed kit??

yea, Thats what my Garelli super sport XL is for. It is orange, the stickers are black and white, and chrome is poshied . i polsihed it this spring. every time a go past a person on my ped the always looked at it. my friends think it looks sweet too. but they won't buy a moped becouse they have to get a car. o'well i have fun with it. thats what counts. the jawa i would like too put a speed kit on it for the heck of it .



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