dog attack

i got attacked by a dog today, its a fox red lab retriever that lives in my neighborhood, its an ok dog, just a bit nutty, luckily it got my shoe, but it left me traumatized for the rest of the day, & now my whole perspective on dogs has changed.

if i was gonna carry a water pistol loaded with somthin 2 temporarily blind dogs & get them away from me (like mace in humans) but not hurt them long term what should i use, im pretty sure ree will know, our resident tomos and moped warfare expert, u rock man!

whew, i feel better now, gonna go get some chocolate milk & think about how to solve that four stroking problem the Golden Bullet is having.


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david f martin /



Re: dog attack

chuck russo va /

just get some mace from pep boys im sure it works on dogs also

Re: dog attack

stun gun

Re: dog attack

gimmyjimmy /

You have to be CLOSE to use a stun.....ammonia is the way to go, spray it from a distance and it will set the mut in a fit.

cheaper than mace and use it to clean your mirror and chrome too.

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How bout a faster moped....A dog couldn't catch me on my Grande! :)

Ask the Postman.

Reeperette /

Most Postal Service folks with dogs on their route tend to carry various "approved" non-harmful items that are effective against canines but not harmful to them, including a dog-specific light "mace" kinda stuff.

Also, a loud, commanding voice works well to give the dog a "moment of pause" and perhaps allow you to get past.

My method isn't really helpful for most of ya, since I slow down, and stick my right (metal) leg out there and let em get a mouthful of that, heh....the instant their jaws close and they get that confused look on their little doggie face, I hit the gas..and they'll let go rather than be dragged, most of em.

If it'll do any good, I tend to have a word with the owner as well.


Re: Ask the Postman.

Can't you just talk to the dog and ask him not to chase you? bruce

Re: dog attack

I too was chased by a dog--it was scary but my moped was just a little bit faster, thank goodness. But now I'm scared too when I see a dog running loose.

As for mace, last time I checked, it was illegal...but you could try pepper spray, which is available in lots of stores.

It makes me angry that there are irresponsible dog owners out there who allow their dogs to chase people. You can't blame the dog--it is instinct. I would be leery about using the ammonia for fear it could seriously and permanently damage a dog's eyes. Perhaps just a spray bottle with a bit of dishsoap may be effective--lots of dog trainers will use plain water in a spray bottle which they use to startle the dog if it is doing something it shouldn't.

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InfectedBootSector /

I HATE dogs that chase, but like ya said, I don't feel that it is the dog's fault. If it comes down to me or him though, the dog gets it. I have had one nearly detroy the use of my right leg. To this day, they terrify me if they come charging.

Don't let the dog know you fear it. Stand your ground.

When I go on a route that I know has some dog problems, I carry a pack of treats.. that usually will stop em dead while they eat it, givving you time to run like hell, and most of the time, trains em to not be so damned mean if you ride that route.

Hot dogs work good to, but are messy to deal with...

Why can't everyone have cats? Ever see a cat chase anyone down?

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Jamie Leonard /

Because if cats particularly wanted to attack moped owner they'd just climb on an overhanging tree branch and drop on them - most of the cats I know prefer limited chasing ;)

Re: dog attack

Because cats suck.

Re: dog attack

Cats chase a moped ? well, yes... ( prepare hipboots )

When I used to travel the African plains on my Honda moped I would sometimes have a problem with big cats stalking me, thinking I was a wounded Wildabeast or something...

In which case I would whip out my big.....


And they'd scamper away

worked every time :P

Re: dog attack

first of all, cats are much better ... anyhow ...

if you were attacked by a dog, you should contact the owner and (if they don't respond well), then you should also contact the authorities. a dog that will chase you will also chase a little gir/boy on his/her bicycle. part of owning a dog means being responsible.

if the dog is a neighborhood stray, then you should call animal control. that dog could have diseases and (like above) may also attack other people (think neighborhood kids).

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Chris Robertson /


I think that maybe rewarding a dog for chasing you might have the opposite effect that you intend...

Chase Moped = Treat.

It's "Mailman" thinking: Everyday an "intruder" comes up to the front door. Dog barks. "Intruder" goes away. It must have been the barking that frightened him off.


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InfectedBootSector /

Very true, I suppose. Seemed to work for these two dogs though. THey haven't chased me since.

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i think in most states, dogs are supposed to be on leashes or in fenced in yards, not loose. if a dog is loose and chasing you, it's chasing other people too.

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mikeconsig /

We've had a problem with a HUGE brown pitbull in our neighborhood. If you have a concealed weapons permit then you're all set. But a squirt gun with Dave's Insanity sauce will be sure to get them away. It is the MOST POWERFUL hot sauce out there. 1 drop takes care of a huge pot of chilli.

Re: dog attack

Dave Gregory /

lol my advice....KICK some jk. just bring a couple dog treats with you, toss it one, then if he still bites u.....KICK IT


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