Tomos clutch slipping

I have a 1983 Tomos Bullet. The first gear clutch seems to be slipping. It takes a while for the clutch to engage but once it engages the trans seems to engage 2nd gear without problem. I recently acquired the moped after it was in a basement unused for 10 years.

I took the clutch cover off and looked at the clutches and both seem to have adequate friction material on them.

Any advice?

RE: Tomos clutch slipping

twowheelers /

Could be the clutch spring.. Maybe someone overstretched it when trying to modify it to engage at higher revs. Or it could be the wrong oil (not ATF).

RE: Tomos clutch slipping

I thought the older bullets required 10w-30 and not ATF. I think the new Targa's require ATF. I have 10w-30 in it now. Should I drain it and try ATF? Does it matter what type of ATF?

RE: Tomos clutch slipping

twowheelers /

Oops, just saw the year.. Yes, the SAE 10 W 30 is OK on the A3, but ATF (Dextron III) is even better. The use of the 10 W 30 was only recommended as it wasn't easy to get ATF on some markets those days.

RE: Tomos clutch slipping

or if posible get atf type f (ford) this is the correct on that model. as for the amount im not sure but if im not mistaken its probably 220 ccs or 300 ccs. anyone know the exact amount?

RE: Tomos clutch slipping

Reeperette /

There's a bolt on the left? side on the trans with a paper washer, that is the level-check for trans fluid, my personal preference is still 10w30 for the older bullets, but ATF works great too, as far as I've heard.

Dunno exact amount, but you will not need more than a single quart, in any case.

(best guess, somewhere between 300-500ml)


220 cc

200 cc

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